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New zombie ideas perks and upgrades

hi there i would like to add in some ideas towards the production of zombies for the future gaming experience. new perk machines.

scavenger - ammo is increased in all weapons by 50%?

double luck - drops have a higher occurance (only one person can have this costs 10,000)

perk upgrade machine (makes all perks you hold have extra effects)

jug - from 8 hits to 10-12?

PHD flopper- more damage/explosive damage (grenades and explosive weapons increased by 10%?/ diving explosion has bigger area effect or something along those lines.

stamina up - longer running and a bit faster.

speed cola - instant reload, change weapons faster and throw grenades faster (includes unique grenades like monkey bombs) quicker knifing?

dead shot - increase in damage to head shots 5%? or 10%

mule kick - allowing another gun will mean big loss in beig downed losing 2 weapons so maybe allow your charecter to buy an extra perk? or that you can buy all the perks?

quick revive - allows self revive and maybe allows self healing from being hit a little quicker?

double tap - even faster firing would be a waste of ammo so maybe if it gave weapons some more damage?


i was also thinking of a perl worth 20,000 that means you can never loose your perks even if you die or go down in the game? would this be a good idea or does people think 20k is asking too much for players who can't point rack?


if any of the new perk machines were to be considerd as well as the upgrade perk machine the extra affects i thought of for them are.

double luck - mystery box will give the player more useful things out the box (the unique weapons and grenades)

scavenger - adds more ammo by 25% doubles grenades you hold


give me the heads up on what you think


my second decussion is upgrades?


i recall on the load screen it says even the weakest of weapons can turn into the most powerful of weapons? i think that it is decieving because i think the only weak weapon worth upgrading is the starting pistol for the mustag and sally. the shot gun and assualt rifle are both still rubbish as upgrades i thought i would bring this up and see what pthers think.


upgrades to weapons are useful for later round but i thought a seconds upgrade would be helpful but i heard in black ops 2 that there maybe five upgrades for all weapons!? is that true?


lastly i was also thinking of the bowie knife and sickle? i reckon they should have a upgrade as well have a knife upgrade next to the pack a punch machine. where the kife has fire effects where once you knife the zombie catches fire and slowly dies by it or an electical effect where fast running zombies are slowed down (has a chaing effect like the wander waffle of up to 3 zombies?)


thank you for your time and i hope to see some feed back

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    i know people will see that having these extra perks and the perk buffer or as i have found by previous ideas pro perks which too is i guess another way of going round the perk buffer machine i thought of.


    i can agree that these perks and buffs will allow more easier game play but if you think about it by time anyone from a beginner to average gamer is able to play a good game and rack up points enough to buy the buffer and all other perks it will be later rounds which are more challenging so really it is a way of lleveling out the game play difficulty wouldn't you say?


    i also see the game is getting harder with new zombie ideas such as george and nova, monkey, dogs, doctor, pyro, screamer and space dude. but there is plenty more to come i mean future zombies i mean you might start seeing some mutated guys to increase the challenge. (for example ideas maybe taken from left for dead or resident evil for possible zombie upgrades)


    so i do ask for peoples views and oppinions on my perk ideas and if they think it is a good idea? also if new zombies to challenge the perks is able to make it a great success in the new zombie experience.


    please leave a comment/reply on what you think thank you.