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All about MOAB's !!!

First of all for those who dont know what a moab is. Moab is a 25 gunstreak which kills all

the enemies and emps the enemies for a minute.


How many moabs do you have?

Which weapons would you prefer?

Do you rush or do you camp?




I have now 101 MOABs.

I got them with all primary weapons (even with dragunow ^^)

I would prefer Lmgs like L86 with silencer


How about you?




I started to make music videos about my MOAB gameplays.

I cut the best part off and made a 3 til 4 minute music videos.

If you wanna watch them. Heres the first part



















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    ar there any emblems for getting moabs .. and what are some tips you have for those of us who have yet to get one ..

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    Ive had double figures amount of MOABs but not over 20 I dont try so much to get them anymore but when I see the specialist perk light up im a little more careful then if i get upto 20 im on safe mode.


    I prefer run n gun gameplay and have had moabs with mp7 (mostly) then ACR then a couple sniper ones


    i find if i go into a match trying for a moab ill get killed 19 kills in which annoys me lol

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    101 MOABs? Do you want a cookie? You were losing your A** off in some of those clips. I wonder why......

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    That's what I think about this thread.  Seriously, once the ability to boost in infested was discovered or abused, MOAB's become quite useless to keep count of.  No one gives a crap about them.

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    why doesnt it look like this is pc gameplay? the score doesnt look like ps3 gameplay :\

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    Good job!  I like the video too!  I also post MOAB videos on my channel yt.com/daphatnguyen.  Anyways, I have probably somewhere around 175+ moabs, I don't really keep count.


    My weapon choice is the MP7 / ACR / SCAR with suppressor & extended mags.  My third most successful weapon for MOABs is the L86 w/ Grip, no suppressor.


    As a veteran player, I still think MOABs are rather impressive.  Keep it up!