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Console Favoritism

I thought Activision promised no console favoritism? If they weren't going to play favorites, then why the hell does most of the new DLC come out on X360 first? Why can't it be released on all consoles at the same time?

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    It's likely coincidence. Sometimes things for one console get done faster than they do on another console, simply because that's how it ends up working out. Perhaps they've been running into issues while putting out the DLC for the PS3, but not on the Xbox. Or maybe there were problems with the PS3 DLC itself. How do you know that those things haven't happened, or the countless other possible reasons that the PS3 DLC could be behind schedule? It would be great to know how you can tell that those things haven't happened and how you know it's because IW is biased towards the Xbox?

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    I can't believe this is still an issue. XBox gets the DLC drops before PS3 because Activision has a business agreement with Microsoft. It's not because of favortism or because Xbox is better or whatever people think. It's a simple contract that both companies signed and now have to uphold their end of the agreement.

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         Activision likes Xbox better.

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    People are still going on about this? It's the contract between Activision and Microsoft. It has nothing to do with favoritism. It's just business.

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    The sad part is that Microsoft is using your Xbox Live Gold money to pay Activision to delay PS3 users DLC.


    It's really is a lose/lose for the gamers.

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    I've got both consoles, so doesn't really affect me.  If there were a deal with either console manufacturer then I'd always be able to buy the game for that console.  However, as a gamer I hate all that 3rd party console exclusive BS so I hope that the contract doesn't get renewed and we all get the content together going forward.

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    It's not favoritism, it's business.

    You can read the 2010 press release here: