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BO2 General stuff

When you are making the game make it kinda like the first BO. I think that it was the best,But i think that you should add



Zombies(always fun at night )

DLC maps from BO you should be able to use them in BO2 if you can make that happen

Specialist kill streaks(its the best)

No level cap(If you chose not to presitige or if you are maxed out you should be able to just keep leveling up)

DLC skins for guns

Clan battle Playlist in multiplayer


Beable to make your own maps like halo

Marathon and Lightweight very usefull and keep them in the game plz

Custimiziable player cards like in BO

Everyone have there own person to custimize and make kinda like in halo where you can have diffrent armor but not to much like halo

Most people dont agree with this but a QuickScoping Playlist in multplayer


when you are in a game you should be able to see how close u are to leveling on the screen instead of having to press start if ur in a match like MW2


Thats most of the stuff that i can think of right now but these are the things that you should take out



ASSASSIN!(very annoying and OP)

support kill streak

If you cap a flag in domo then that shouldnt count towards you're kill streak

Nukes and MOABS

second chance...


I cant think of anything else but if you have anything to add plz feel free to say it