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On KD Vs Win-Loss




Lots of us are posting about KD what is what's important, what's not important, what's indicative of a good player, whose terrible.


Some claim that they do not care about KD and it does not represent the true stats of a player. I play 75% TDM because I just want to kill and move on, objective players (most) do play the game as it should be played and fight for that flag, tag, bomb, etc but their KD suffers because of it.


So I ask this COD community.


What's most important to YOU,  a higher KD or the Win for that Match (any gamedmode)?


Many will answer honestly, some will embellish others will straight BS.


When I play objectives I play the objective for the win, if I can go positive that's good! But I personally pay more attention to my KD then my W/L.

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    well I normally play solo, so i will cater to my kd before a win.. being that I have no control over what my teammates do, so instead of going negative with them, ill kill wh@re and get a good kd and not care about the win or lose.. if I play in a group, im going for the win, but I still will not go negative to do it

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    This is the answer I was looking for, most players are like you. Solo KD is mostly important and will do what is necessary to avoid going negative. Thanks for your opinion.

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    For myself i'm happy as long as I finish in the top 3 in the end of round leaderboard although i'd take a win over a good KD but I don't think they have to be exclusive from each other my KD on KC has started to climb while also increasing the amount of tags i'm nabbing.

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    I play lots of solo and always go for the W. Hence why I have only a 2.2 kd and yet still have a 13+ win loss. Play for the win. You dont play board games just to roll high numbers do you? No you play to win.



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    Guy, you make a good point, but not everyone can posts those stats all the time. Oh and I play to win at almost everything I do.

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    And they don't have to be, your absoluty right. But push comes to shove, which of the two is on your first to do list?

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    If I have to choose then the win is way more important to me than my KD.

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    I prefer the win. When I play solo I get frustrated because people are playing for their own k/d. Why the hell are they playing Dom then? If you want some k/d play play some FFA. I will choose my wins over my kills any day. Do football players measure their skill in tackles or touchdowns? One player tackles it takes a team to get a touchdown. Do baseball players measure skill as hits or runs batted in? It's all for the win. If you play strictly for your kd and you have a 4.0 them good for you. Your true skill is measured in wins and losses.

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    My KD is no where near as good as thisguygotcha, but i always play for the Win even when i am playing solo. I wont always get it but i will do my best even if that means going 15 and 30, its very rare if we are losing that i don't have most caps


    I actually kill whore more when we are winning and playing as a team cap 2 flags and control them, let the other team come to us.

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