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4 Games you should play

Well mw3 its still broken so why not take a break of it and pick another game up?


If you only have a wii  then i have 4 games:


4)Mario party 9 Its really fun and it has plenty of mini games to try  only thing is that you need friends to get the best experience that this game has to offer

3) Zelda Skyward Sword if you haven't play any zelda games i recommend picking this up and give it a try its really good and fun to play only downside its only a singleplayer game but you can put long hours in side quests.

2) Xenoblade Chronicles i must admit i haven't played it yet mainly because i haven't found it but of what i can see a really good rpg to be played and you should really check some videos before getting it do 

1) Mario Galaxy 1/2 If you can pick up first 1 and then 2 but if you cant then just 2 its really a great game and has one of the best quality graphics that the wii has to offer and its the classic story of Mario but in space! really cool game nonetheless


**Also i would like to mention a shooter for the wii or a heavy multiplayer game but honestly i don't know any one worth mentioning,..


Now if you have a decent enough PC or another console you should try


4) Battlefield 3 If you playing it on PC it has one of the most incredible graphics for a shotter i have ever seen in consoles its still pretty great, the campaign is not really inovated or a good one for that matter but thats not expect of it, multiplayer has dedicated servers in consoles so you can rent the servers the downsize of that its no private matches except you pay for it so that's dumb but that's what you get for wanting dedicated servers, maps are huge, it has vehicles, even in big maps there's always a fight going on really a good shooter to at least try.

3) Skyrim Incredible graphics for pc or console, its an open world RPG set in the 1400-ish but with dragons and magic you know the cool stuff, its really fun and has a lot of stuff to do so you should enjoy it for a long while, no multiplayer action at all so if that's your cup of tea then you are not in luck really fun nonetheless

2) Portal 1/2 My favorite story of all time for a campaign game, its a puzzle-plataform game that makes you use your mind to pass it, portal 1 its only singleplayer game and it shows you how to think with portals but portal 2 has also co-op so now you got to think with 4 portals! its a really clever game and you should at least try it, the pc version just got for portal 2 a create map section for free so now there's infinite maps to wrap your head around

1) Minecraft  One of the greatest games of all time if you have an imagination, theres a lot of things to do and create before you can say you "beat minecraft" the pc version has tons of mods and maps to you to try and beat also, remakes of other games like theres a map of zelda and another one based in portal and even vanilla (no mods) minecraft its really fun and brings a lot of hours of playing, it has multiplayer so you can create stuff with friends, or destroy what ever they did so this is a most at least try for 1 hour you might think its a stupid game but its worth the money.


Honorable mention: Diablo 3 (MMORPG)