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Black Ops 2 Zombies Great Ideas

Alrite guys; im a huge fan of the Zombie playing mode. I just have some good ideas about how it can be brought to its greatest potential. Some of these ideas might already be in the forums, but im not going to take the time and read all of them.So here they are:


  • Sharing Money
    • Being able to somehow share your earnings with your fellow zombie slayer, who might not be Bill Gatin' the way you are.
  • Bosses
    • Just like the "Hell Hounds", "Sace Monkeys", and "Evil Scientist" there should a boss-like creature thing that you must face every so often.
  • Trading Weapons
    • How many times has it happened that you wanted the gun your friend has, and he wanted the one you have. There should be a way to trade a BOOM for a BANG and make everyone happy.
  • More Than 4 Perks
    • Plane and simple; you should be able to have more than 4 perks.
  • Playable Characters
    • Being able to play as a variety of characters, of your choice, based on Black Ops' and Black Ops 2's campaigns such as: Woods, Bowman, Mason, Reznov etc. Also, characters from previous zombie maps such as: JFK, Fidel Castro, and the characters from Call of the Dead (i don't know their names). If Black Ops 2 is keeping the Cod Points system, you should be able to purchase them that way.
  • Museum Room
    • Like in Modern Warfare 2, there should be a museum that contains all the perks and special weapons such as the Ray Gun, the Thunder Gun, the Wunderwaffe, the Zap Guns etc. (just to be cool).
  • Area 51
    • It's been talked about before. How cool would it be to defend your home town planet from ALIEN INVADERS. Lock and loaded in Area 51. Annihilating retro looking, green skinned, black oval-shaped eyes having, green blooded aliens. That would be awesome!!!


Well, that's all the ideas i have for now. Respond with your opinions and/or other ideas. My Xbox Live gamertag is: Alex The Omega.If you want to play some Black Ops Zombies, just message me or send me a friend request.

- Alex The Omega