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New Game Mode Ultimate

This was an idea i got from my cousin when he asked me to play a game of dodgeball with his friends. The game could be either 4 teams of 4 or FFA. Here's how it works. When you get killed you're out until the person that killed you get's out. When you get killed everyone that was out by you comes back in. There are two ways to win. The first you or your team eliminates everyone. The second the person with the highest points wins. Here is how the point system works. On your first kill before dying you get 1 point. On your second kill before dying you get 2 points so your total is 3 points. It continues like that forever only resetting when you die. I would like to hear what the rest of you think and here any suggestions.

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    Terrible idea.


    So if you get killed right away by the awesome player on the other team who goes flawless you have to wait ten minutes before you either get back in or the game ends?


    Doesn't sound like fun to me.

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    freedeathstreak wrote:


    When you get killed you're out until the person that killed you get's out.


    That was pretty much the only idea that struck me as interesting. To expand on it I think you should have to spectate the player who just killed you and you must watch that until he dies. You could call out his position to your teammates and they will hunt him down because once he dies you are revived.


    The point system you came up with seems a bit too elaborate. It should work more like TDM where its 100xp/kill but add a 50xp bonus for each kill within a killstreak. So first kill is 100, second kill is 150, third kill is 200, etc. As long as you dont die your xp increases by 50xp/kill. First person to get a 10 killstreak wins the game for their team. Your 10th kill would be worth 600xp (why not give an extra 50xp for winning the match).  Even as Im thinking of this idea Im finding many holes in it... it could work, but it would take much explaining and planning, so Im just gonna end it there lol.

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      yeah the point system you suggested does sound a lot easier to understand. It would be useful to spectate the person that killed you in the 4X4 but in free for all how do you think the scoring and spectating would work? any suggestions?

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    Yo man....you're pretty brave posting your idea on here, most people are just jacka$$es that will shoot any idea down no matter what it is!


    Seriously though I think your game mode sounds like a lot of fun. I like the idea of the player being able to go into view mode and call out the positions of the enemy. It would keep them still involved with the game even though they are dead and prohibit camping. Great idea man, I hope this get's created!

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    Not a bad game mode idea. I don't know if I myself would play it alot, but it sounds like the search and destroy players might enjoy it. I just hate waiting around to respawn...hence why I don't play any mode with a timer or S&D.

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    I think they should make like a michael myers type of game mode. Where its SnD based, you have one life, and a person only runs around with a knfie, and has to kill you. You, also must only use your knife.