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    I usually play Domination and go for the win no matter what. The "kill wh0res" that play Domination and don't bother to help capture or even defend but either push the spawn too far or camp far from any flags,piss me off to no end. I can usually look at someone's stats and tell a lot. The really high KDR guys usually have a low W/L because they rage quit when getting owned but like to brag about their KDR only....

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    Dom cracks me up sometimes, played against a guy ranked 332 in dom last night he had triple my kills on the leaderboards but i have more caps. Ended up beating him 200 to 28 on Seatown he was hiding the whole time protecting his kdr.

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    Yeah, I look at the lobby leaderboard if I get the chance. Anyone with fewer than 1 cap per match I dont  want to play with. Its not hard to do some quick mental arithmetic and spot who is likely to be good in a domination match.

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    My KD is 0.759 but my WL is 2.00 why?

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    ultimately, i go for the win. unfortunately, i play 100% of my games with randoms, so i take what i can get. i always play the objective, and don't mind going negative to cap a flag. most of the time i don't go negative, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. sometimes i'll run into an area, just to ferret out where the campers are, it may take a few deaths, but ultimately, it's more or less just gathering intelligence...

    i also think there is a place for some people to hang out and camp at our flag to defend it. that is also playing the objective.

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    Depends on gametype.


    In TDM, you have no control over your teammates if you're playing solo. You can having the best match of your life but your teammates are all going negative which ends up losing the match despite your efforts.


    In objective gametypes, it is possible to become the "one man army" player if you're playing solo meaning that you can carry all teammates and still win.


    I've won a number of tight Dom games with playing against complete newbies which makes me feel good. I know my team aren't the strongest but by assisting them in taking down air support & holding down positions, I can end up with a decent game.


    My W/L is more important in objective gametypes. My K/D is important in TDM.

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    To be honest I'm a player who prefers the win over my KD but at the same time I still want my KD to be positive and it usually is most of the time. But since I play solo all the time in HC Domination, I get stuck with different players.

    Majority of the time I get stuck with shite players who don't want to play to win, instead they try to get kills but because they are shite, they go negative. So when I'm on that type of team and know we won't win even though I know I can get a good amount of kills, I'll leave.

    Now when I'm on a team that plays to win and we are playing a team that plays for kills, then my team will kill wh@re and be highly positive all the time while the other team goes negative.

    But if my team and the other team plays to win that's when thoughts of my KD go out the window and I will go just slightly negative to win. It's not too often that my KD goes negative but when it does it's only by 2-3.

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    you tell us Joshdd13 why?

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