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What is the best way to get a moab ?

I was able to get a moab once in a team death match on fallen with out camping. Using type 95 and specialist strike package but its a bit difficult to get again. What would be the best weapon to get a moab?

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    Well the Type 95 is one of the best guns in the game as it is, so I dunno why you're asking for suggestions on weapons. But it's the general consensus that the ACR, Type, and Scar are the best AR's in the game. MP7, UMP, PP90 for SMG's.


    Easiest way to get a MOAB (if that's all you're going for) is to play Domination, completely ignore the objective, and take out opposing players who are trying to play the objective.

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    I've had success using a combination of an ACR (red dot or no red dot, your choice) with extended mags if you aren't using a dot.  My secondary is an MP9 with red dot, which gives me a secondary weapon with pretty decent range in case I run out of ACR ammo.  I play hardcore, so I try to limit kills to 1-2 shots, just need to be on point.


    In terms of maps, owning the scaffolding in the middle of foundation is a surefire way to get it done.

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    Run N Gun, until you are on a 15+ KillStreak, then ONLY then you start to be careful.   Where? where you are the best.

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      I agree with this and it's generally how I do it.  I only have 21 MOABS, but the frequency is increasing. I got 2 on 5/31, 1 on 6/1, 3 on 6/2, and 1 on 6/3.  So one third of my MOABS are in the past 5 days or so. 


      In almost all of them, I am running and gunning until 14 or 15 kills, I am then carefully patrolling an area and paying close attention to where my teammates are and enemies are spawning.  UAV helps a lot, but your teammates spawns and positions, and seeing the enemies firing (if not using silencer) helps a lot as well. 


      In Dom as someone said above, if you are holding a flag, usually (but not always) they won't be spawning on top of you, you can patrol that flag area and pick off poeple coming to try and cap your flag.  I will usually cap the starting flag, go to B and try to cap that, if I cap both I am already 2 into specialist, then I will try and defend B till I get to 15-18 kills, then I will sometimes (depending on score and enemy team's skill level) back up a bit, play cautiously and try to stay out of areas where I am exposed on multiple sides. 


      You need to have a good knowledge of the map and routes, good gunskill, and it helps to ignore the objective but of course that's not being a team player, but it'll help you get a MOAB.


      Type 95 is great for MOABS, I use it unsilenced b/c it kills very quickly if you're accurate.  People won't even get a red screen, they pretty much get instakilled if you hit em' with a solid burst to the body.  ACR w/ extended mags and silencer is great too, and MP9 is a great secondary, silenced or extended mags is my preference.


      I attached a quick highlight of a MOAB I got, starting with Type 95 unsilenced, with Red Dot and Rapid Fire, with MP9 secondary, picking up an ACR during the game. 


      You can see I get rocket launched almost straight on at one point.  I was saved by having the combination of a ballistic vest and Blast Shield from the Specialist Bonus.   You can see my screen goes from being greenish to normal hue when the rocket hits.  Luck is involved in a lot of MOABs too, you can see after that some guy starts shooting me from behind.  Luckily, I play on sensitivity 6 and he is a horrible shot, or I'd be dead, lucky moments that help.


      You can also see I am patrolling that area in the back of Foundation, going back and forth, always checking my flank and always paying attention to the mini map as stated previously. 


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    Don't look at the scoreboard when you know you're on a high streak.

    And what v3lkro said be careful when your a few kills off (chances are you'll get killed by DMH or final stand.)  And if you do play dom and your teammates are capturing A and you got c or the other way around get out of there or watch your back.

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    Dont try in on TDM. Games end too soon.

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    MP7 rapid fire/range


    FMG-9 Akimbo's


    Portable Radar




    Sleight of Hand




    Dead Silence


    Specialist strike package


    (BTW, this is a joke, don't use FMG-9's, they suck)

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    The best way to get a moab is by getting 25/24 gun kills.

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    Put scavenger on and camp like ****, or play Domination and totally ignore the objective in a way which has massive negative effects on your team's performance. Personally I don't go for MOABs because they aren't worth 25 kills, no deaths. I think Care Package is the best killstreak beause you can sample each and every killstreak without the boredom of continuous camping in one area.

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    Kill confirmed or Domination. Run and gun for 12-15 kills, then start playing more cautiously. Don't camp...just be more careful.