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LOL............why can't people just take losses?


If you move slowly your a camper.....if you run around like a madman you have a speed glitch.....if you have a perfect game you have aimbot....if you have good internet then your lag switching.......................lmfao...........just take your losses and be done with it! Even the adults in these lobbies are crybabies more than half of the time. Granted, there are cheaters out there, but jesus every time you lose doesn't mean there's something up, there are good players out there lol.

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    This is typical amongst many who are on here and who play regularly. They just do not take losing well, and will find a fault in every direction possible except themselves.

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    I agree with the OP for the most part.  But there are sometimes where the host is has horrible net and everyone  has 2 bars except the host.  The host then proceeds to go HAM, while the rest of the players cannot connect lots of shots.  Times like that, I wish there would be a host migration(which happens usually) / local only option.

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    I hate lossing. But thats because 75% of mine are from ppl ripping the cord out of the back of the PS3.

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    I must admit losing sucks when your trying to win lol, but i don't talk crap i still say good game even though im mad inside lol. it also sucks when you are used to playing with your clan and you win about 98% of the games you play, then you play solo and have a bunch of people on your team that aren't to great and you keep losing and losing and hey losing some more . gotta love competitiveness!

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    You forgot that if you win in any way whatsoever, you're a 'tryhard.'

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    I have zero problem losing an honest hard fought decent connection game at all. In fact Ill prob be that guy saying great game well played at the end of it. I like many others cannot stand losing matches when I or my party is on the arse end of lag, and I have put half a clip into someone point blank yet they somehow turn and lunge knife me. My latest one is getting killed by someone who does not even show up on my screen until the killcam.


    The problem is when I make a conservative guess at my losses it is a 3-1 ratio with crap connection, getting thrown in to mid match slaughterfest beating out the number of  "good" games. However I do my best not to b!tch about it post game, as it is not the other teams fault.


    I even set up my PS3 today to be on a wired connection and that did zero to fix this broken POS. I lost more games in the last 7 days than I did in the last 30 playing with the same party same game mode we did not just start sucking out of the blue. Funny thing is half the games we are winning we get disconnected from the host, but it never happens if we are losing.


    Well that is my rant for the night after I just rage quit after lagging and/or being disconnected 5/6 games. Back to Gran Turismo 5 for now as a reminder of what a well made game looks like

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    Sum pplz jus find it to hard to take a lost . They feel by doing all those things tht they are the best but in reality they are really not good to be honest. Its hard sumtimes to actually get in a game without pplz doing any of those things but when you do then hey you got ya self a good game

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    Funny me and a low level capper beat a clan late on triple capping them.  They all raged. They were up 175-140, so yeah it was awesome.


    Personally I rather play a close game than win by a shitload constantly myself.

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    What is worse than a sore loser, is a bad winner.


    Often when I encounter a better team (whether I was playing with friends, or randoms who were trying) and we get the snot kicked out of us, I stay to the end and will ALWAYS say "good game".


    The thing I hate is when someone on the winning team talks crap for no reason whatsoever. I can understand if someone on the losing team cries about something (or if there was trash talk before the round); but adding needless insult to injury (especially after someone sincerely congratulated them on a good game) is the most ignorant stance anyone can take...


    (kinda like what Tito Ortiz used to do after he won a UFC match... low class)

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    Im not going to take losses when i feel im getting ripped off. like for instance shooting a guy with ten bullets first only to have him look at me laugh and shoot me with 2 and insta kill me. Now thats frustrating, especially when it happens 85% of the time. Its not even playable