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hello mates,


been playing this game now for a long time, as you could say i'm a fan xD, and i asked myself why this game does have so many things which are frustrating...


and i came to the thought, that it could be that IW is broke...yeah, broke man...i mean, mw3 has the oldest engine in the whole ps3-world, as its the same as in mw1...and now with BO 2 coming again with the same old engine, i guess, it could be that IW simply has no money...and when you take a deep look into the game and see ballistic vests for example, implemented without any intelligence, a game full of lags, a spawn system that's only perfect for sado-maso-freaks which love to get hit over and over again direct after respawning, a game where you shoot and shoot clip after clip only to get hitmarker-reward and a bullet between your eyes back, old titles and emblems from mw2, i guess it is, simply because IW has no money (!!!) to get developers with a little higher IQ...they maybe also have no money to pay guys get an infected game free of glitchers...


so, i believe, it is on US to HELP them OUT !!! everyone can do and it's our DUTY to do so !!! but how??? hmmm...you don't need to be desperate now, because I already found the solution xDDDDD


and it's very simple, yeeeeaaahhh...so all you need to do is, GO TO NEXT SHOP NEAR YOU AND BUY AS MUCH COPYS AS YOU CAN OF

Infinity (booster-re)Ward's Call of stupiDity: Rotten WackLag 3 and do your donation to make this game what it should be....as what i calculated, it needs only one billion dollars more to do so xDDD (battlefield did it with much more less, but hey, we know this stupids, don't we do xD)


i know what you think now...it could be that they get too fed up by it and  stop making games in future, rather than working on on them, but hey, don't be foolish...it's time to pay some faith back !!! NOW !!! so let's go and do it for our Duty !!!




thx guys for your time (ahm, i mean your time here, reading, not the gameeeetiiiime ,)

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    pffff....perfect !!! feel a little better now, after offloading some of the gigantic frustration ,)

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      Nice rant...I have to say that there is no way in hell that I am going on a credit card binge buying IW games. Too big to fail??? I think not. No more bailouts, you make broken products, you go out of business. The title will get sold off and live on. Why do you think no one buy's Russian airliners?!?!?!

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    im pretty sure this is a joke post for the most part right?


    but you have no idea about how game engines work, i suggest you read up on them just because a game uses an engine first used on a previous game doesnt mean its not modified for the next and so on , the engine used in this game has lots of new features, same as the engine used in blops 2 has loads of new features but is still based off a previous engine.

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      you are right, i'm not an expert in case of engines...but i don't need to be an expert to know that you can't make something good, that is basically bad...to me, i see what this engine produce and it simply don't satisfy me, as it simply looks lousy, especially now, against other games that came out with a much higher standard in graphics...


      and if not the creators of the game that is sold more often than any other game don't invest to create something new, than who else should do it? battlefield (not about good game or not) at least did it...they set a milestone in case of their engine and i guess, they not near on the sales-number activision has...


      again, i'm not an expert, but when i play this game, i see that many things just don't work properly and in my thoughts, it is somehow a shame for a company that makes biiilliiioooons  with their product...


      and if you read this op a little more deeply instead of taking it just as a joke, you'll see that there are more critics in it, than just the engine...a vest, which isn't a vest, but a juggernaut-full-armor-anti-rpg-tank-suit, created with ZERO intelligence, as if it would been, it would be what it should be...a vest !!! only protecting body against bullets and not a suit protecting you even from rpg's...a proper working shooting-system, where you are able to frag, not just getting hitmarker-reward...a spawnsystem that works and not being a f'kng joke...new titles & emblems instead of using the same ones as in mw2 or some a little changed...even with the increase of the prestige from 10 to 15, there should have been new emblems, but the fact there are none is to me a little wimpy...beside all that, i also miss some innovations, some new things in movement f.e., like BO did with the diver, or also with the idea to create own emblems...but is there anything new? no, it's all the same as it already was in mw2 and again, to me, simply POOR !!!