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IW and Activision quit with the nerf/buff BS!!!!!!!


Thats whats going to ruin your games. If you put a game out and people dont like it then so be it. Of course some people are going to be dissatisfied. But when you go and start to change all kinds of BS your going to mess things up for your loyal fan base that likes your game. I know no one will read this but I hope its get thru to someone.

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    People will read it.  It's not a stupid topic.  I do, however, see nerfs and buffs as an important part of the evolution of a game's fairness.  When they release the game, there are inevitably going to be flaws which need corrected, like say, a specific gun more powerful then they anticipated.  In those situations, they fix it to correct the problem, which then creates ripple effects across the whole game.


    Long story short, they didn't release a perfect product, they wouldn't pretend to have done so.  They dont just look at the community comments to determine what needs nerfed and buffed, it's deeper then that.

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    I wish I could "like" this 10000 times.

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    This has been discussed b4 many of times. I hate that they keep changing the weapons around. I do want them to fix errors though like shotguns having more pellets than they should and being able to put damage on an AR.


    Quit it already with the Buff/Nerf

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    I totally agree with you electricfire.  And it sucks to think that no one from IW will read this... but its the truth...

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    There are still blatant balance problems that need to be adressed.  There are entire weapon classes that are outgunned in all situations by others.  And some other weapons are so poor compared to others in the same class that the bad weapons wight as well not exist.  It is obvious that things need to changed to promote weapon diversity and fairness between and within classes.


    One of the main goals of mw3 was balanced weapons.  Robert Bowling was pushing progressive and constant weapon balance.  That is part of the reason for the hotfix system.  Changes to weapons take very little time and can be implemented with almost no overhead.  When a clear imbalance arises there will be rebalances to even out performance.


    I am positive that poor netcode does more damage to mw3 than actively trying to make the game better through weapon and perk balance.

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    Nerfs and buffs are pretty much needed for me to play the game at this point. I'm tried of using the ACR. I look at the weapon list and all I see is weapons that I been using everyday since november or a weapon I know is inferior to others and has no point of using it. To me nerfing and buffing is almost like adding new weapons into the game.

    This post is dumber then those" I hate Infinity Ward" post.

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    So buffing a few of the shotguns & LMG's & nerfing the effectiveness of the Akimbo FMG 9's was a big mistake?


    I don't get how it "ruins" the game. The LMG buff certainly improved and encouraged more playability with using them. I know the USAS-12 gets used alot more than it was before the shotgun patch.


    Dead Man's Nuke is getting a nerf soon, how glad am I to see the range of Dead Man's Nuke reduced so it doesn't kill me from a considerable range.


    Are you going to tell me a gamebreaking element of MW2 like One Man Army, Danger Close spam of grenade launchers didn't require a nerf? (if say the devs decided to go back & fix some of the issues from previous COD titles of course).


    I welcome changes to a couple of the weapons. It's not like it's going to negatively impact you.


    they "fix" weapons issues, but they can't fix the lag problems... IW doesn't have their priorities in the right order.


    Lag & matchmaking problems is more difficult than balancing a couple of the weapons.

    Weapons in general can be improved by changing a few values in the code.


    And by the way, there have a numerous number of connectivity title updates & hofixes since the game launched. I support lag & matchmaking fixes first but to state that "IW don't have their priorities in the right order" is ignorant.

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    I rather enjoyed when they nerfed the akimbo FMG's....and buffed the LMG's and shottys, hell i damn near had a orgasim when they fixed the M16....wait...that was just a dream wasnt it....

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      LOL they never even buffed the shotguns the first time.  The usas and ksg are the same at max level now as they were pre "buff" they were simply made them easier to level by making the emags glitch standard.  The spas lost almost 90 points of damage up close and gained 70 at range.  The net effect of the "buff" on the spas was making it actually balanced at range (the spas performs as expected at range) but it is now weak up close and requires a degree of accuracy that is very high compared to other primaries at all ranges.  This is the same with all pump shotguns.  The aa12 and 1887 are untouched since launch day.  They strait up lied to us about the shotgun "buff".


      The akimbo nerf is okay. 


      Lmg buff made all the lmgs besides L86 and m60 worthless.


      I would love to see an m16 buff.

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    Maybe these weapons just arent for you guys. There are weapons some people like and some people dislike. And that dont mean your bad at the game. I dont like the MP7 and everyone else does. Im in the top 200,000 thousand in total kills rank and I dont have anywhere near 2500 kills with all the guns i like. I have 0 1000 headshots titles. And im finding I like new guns all the time. Im just now even getting to the PP90. I been messing with the AK47 too. If you dont like a gun at this point in the game you have to realize there are thousands that do like that gun and want it to stay just the way it is.




    They alreeady made the LMG's better, nerfed akimbos, buffed how many pellets shottys have, nerfed and buffed whatever else. And they did it within a somewhat reasonable time frame after release. Some of it prolly was needed. Right now it seems pretty balanced to me. An adaptable player can use any gun on the game and not be at a disadvntage. Its been awhile since they did anything and we should all be well adapted to the game and what guns do what.

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      But does it hurt improving some of the weapons in the game?


      If the devs are happy to discuss other improvements to weapons whether it'll be the shotguns or the M16, I'm fine with that.


      I worked hard to level up Model 1887 to Damage and the hitmarkers I get at close range frustrates me. Despite the b.s. I had to go through just to get Damage for 28 levels, I don't think I'm being rewarded for it with consistant one-hit kills at close range.


      It's not that the weapon is not for me. It's not my connection considering I am hosting (and in theory the host is the player with the best connection). I'm 100% sure I'm using the correct perks & proficiency to make good use of the weapon


      The weapon itself has an issue, not me if the weapon designed for CQC is not giving me a full kill at blank range rather than hitmarkers.

      Believe me, I'm using the shotgun correctly.

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        If the buff it then you will potentially have to deal with everyone and thier moms using the gun effectively despite the fact they gave up on it in the ffirst place. I love shottys and it does kinda bother to have that dude who runs his mouth in a game saying things like "oh put the shotty away, dont make me pull out my shotty" and then he doesnt because he gave up on shottys a long time ago. Well now this dude will pull out a shotty and procede to be able to get kills with it. Has of now there is pride in using shottys, if they buff them there wont be even if the buff is insignificant. Everyone will now automatically think they are overpowered just because they were buffed.

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          Buffed to consistant one hit kills at close range.....how is that considered OP by the community?


          It's a shotgun, it's suppose to be deadly at close range.


          To be honest, I really wouldn't care if I got killed by more players using Model 1887's or AA-12's. A majority of these shotguns are barely used as it is. Wouldn't mind seeing some weapon variety for once instead of being killed by the same-old weapons.

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          You still have to level the pumps to get damage.  Pre damage these weapons would still suck terribly.  Also almost no one in mw2 was using the shotguns as their primary weapon.  I remember the times people tried to pull out the spas after I did.  It never ended well.


          Do you care weather people respect you in a video game?  I would rather have fun.  And having shotguns be as bad as they are is not fun. 


          These weapons need to be balanced.  I do not care about the preconceptions that people have towards the shotguns.  We want what is fair and what we deserve.

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      They only made the emags glitch standard on the ksg and usas.  This basicly just made them easier to level since the emags made them the same strength pre patch at max level as they are now at max level.  The spas lost a ton of damage up close and gained damage at range.  This made the spas unreliable up close but balanced at range.  The 1887 and aa12 are untouched since launch day.  They have blatantly lied to us about buffing shotguns. 


      The shotgun buff was 3 months after release.  That is not a reasonable time frame.


      Use the aa12 and try to say that adaptable player crap with a strait face.