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Black Ops 2: Advantages/Disadvantages of Wii/Wii U Release


A Video:

Wii Advantages:

-Same release date.

-More gun on gun gameplay(since there is less killstreaks).

Not that much advantages as the Wii isn't as good compared to the Wii U.



Wii Disadvantages:

-Limited features(This will be a BIG game, big zombies mode, big multiplayer so they might have to take a lot of things out[5v5, zombie maps, multiplayer map reductions, and probably more])

-Graphics(Not much of a problem though)

-The overall amount of players on the Wii and CoD will decrease once the Wii U comes out.

-HACKERS(Huge ass problem now)

-Less support



Wii U Advantages:

-All the features which include all the killstreaks, zombie maps, etc. Not only that, but the features of the Wii U gamepad. Imagine what we can do with that on CoD.

-Good graphics

-The wii network, no more silly long friend codes, we will be able to get the dlcs, more support.

-No more hackers for a very long time(no more account hoppers, demoters, etc)



Wii U Disadvantages:

-Black Ops 2 will be released later on.

-New controller and features may take some time to get use to.

-New console which means you will have to wait for your friends and others to get it as well(if you want to play with them).



That's why I want it released for the Wii U instead of the Wii.

How about you guys?