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UK user on PS3 unable to play the game - Original 60gb fat PS3

Hi, for the last month or so I have found it very difficult to get the game to load on my PS3 with the familiar 'disk read error', it seemed to co-incide with the previous patch release where it was intermittant, and the new patch release means it now will not load. All other games load and play fine and correctly as do blueray movies. I have followed most of the advice on the forum and have: 1. deleted elite. 2. turned off the theatre 3. deleted all DLC 4. delted the game data, then re-installed 5. reset all presets to default 6. performed a system reset 7. taken the PS3 apart and cleaned the laserI would be extremely grateful if somebody could reply from the manufacturor and help me find a solution as currently the game will not load.Thanks