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Share your COD c*ck block moments.

We all know COD has some fantastically annoying c*ck block moments, to the point sometimes of being so ridiculous you can't even be mad, all you can do is laugh. Now although this really isn't that much fun it is part of the peaking highs and lows that come with the modern COD, something very few games I've found can come very close to replicating, so let's take a moment to reflect on some of your best moments. I'll start off with my worst over the past week.


Mine is pretty simple, playing some regular KC, every one on the team has mic's, we're well ahead on the score board. I am both games one away from the MOAB and the game is one or two confirms from being over. So I politely ask them to stop confirming for a sec, (not that it matters since we're so far ahead) so that I can get the MOABS and call them in (nothing worse than getting those MOABS in TDM or KC and calling them in as the game ends and not seeing them go off). Every one is all for it and excited, but there always seems to be that one cock, the camper who hasn't been doing well usually that at that moment has to get one of his lucky few kills and go out of his way to confirm it. Officially 8===)~~ blocking me like a mother lover. The second time I just couldn't even be mad any more it was so ridiculous.


So now how's about some of your great moments, it doesn't have to involve MOABs or even high kill streaks, just anything ridiculous.