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I guess Infinity Ward really are doing a good job with security


I figured that they were only resetting a small portion of the boosters/cheaters. I thought that out of all the people I report, not one of them would ever get punished. Usually I never even bothered because I thought like that.


But today I found two people boosting on infected(one of them a 10th prestige, the other almost 1st). The game ended and I reported them for boosting, saved the file to my vault and tweeted to IWENFORCERS(also sent them a message, they just said people have reported them before and nothing would happen). 2 hours later I checked them on Elite and they're both level 1. It's awesome. Now I feel like searching for lobbies with boosters just so I can report them and watch them get reset.


I just wanted to say that. I watched 2 cheaters get punished and I want to do it again.