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Force Operations (FRCE) New Clan recruiting (360 and PS3)

You find yourself standing at a bar in a rustic old-styled tavern, the bar man notices you and walks over " Haven't seen you around before, Welcome to FORCE, one of the newest and most promising clans around, now what will it be?".
You get a drink and move over to an empty table, several members spot you and sit around "If you want an active fun clan," one says whilst spilling his drink down himself "then this is the one you want".
You've got a hard choice, but the members stare at you with shining puppy-dog eyes, one member disrupts the awkward silence "If anything just go down there," he points towards a wall "to view our epic quests and adventures, who knows you might eventually be in one yourself"

We do not care about NM teams whether they be brand new, or your just plain noob xD, we care more that you visit chat or at least post on this forum ;), so even if you've only just registered don't feel intimidated to join us


What does Force Mean ?

First Operations Reconnaissance Combat Elites



How Do We Join FORCE ?

Simply fill out the following form saying you want to join :

Xbox or PS3:

KD Ratio:

Favorite Gun:

Favorite Map:


Why i want to join:

Once i or another leader has seen your application we will sort out the details Immediately


Info on FORCE ?










Force Operations is a clan for all types of gamers. We plan to be a domiant PSN clan. We are looking for people who play the game to win.. We are a gaming community that appreciates the Call of Duty,Battefield, and Crysis series. You don't have to be a "hard core" gamer to join. We are both competive and recreational. We love layers who love to relax to when we are feeling bored. Force divides its members up into leaders and squads. Here you will communicate with the same gamers and build a bond of team work. AG also works with a rank system. As you assess yourself to the clan you will advance up the ranking system. Since we are a newer clan we need members!