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[YeYe] Beware these scumbags!!  Krypt in disguise, or doing a good impression of them!!

Unbelievable chances of this happening but here goes!


I watched a vid on here that someone put a link up too, about the red box hacker guy on youtube, dont recall his name, but anyways, I noticed 3 of the guys playing in his PMs with him were from the YeYe clan, they stood out coz I bump into a few of them in domination and in the main they appear very good players. So this got me thinking were they actually cheating?


So I logged on 40mins ago, 1st games of the day which is late for me coz its nearly 10pm here, anyways, 1st game im with 3 Kos guys who I know are pretty decent as a clan, and the opposition is 5 YeYe, so im thinking "we got this". Lockdown, we take C at the start, then we cant move ,were gettin shot through walls, and are basically being killed as we spawn. 1 guy was firing semtex`s with aimbot! We were all like 0-12 after about 1 minute, so I left, joijs another game, again im against 5 YeYe, diff guys, same again, the team im with are getting completely hammered, something like 150-3, so I didnt hang around and thought id try KC. Joins a game, were losing 55-2 and the other team arent collecting tags, they all have like 80 kills each,4 of them, and yes you guessed it, ALL YeYe members!


Me and this game are all but through. I played 3 games last night with King, and they were all hacked to F, then 3 today all the same.