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What is your favorite pistol?

Pistols are rather meek by comparison to most, if not all, primary weapons. However, for just this moment, I implore you to give these pocket killers a second glance or give us your insight if you've a measure of affection for the underdog sidearm. Whether you would wish to show off how manly you are through under-compensation, there's something your primary selection can not do that a pistol can or whatever reason you may wish to let us in on, I would like to ask you, the Black Ops community, these questions:

1. What is your favorite handgun, its attachment and why?
2. Do you use your sidearm often and why

Myself, I use a suppressed CZ75 on three of my five classes. Hardline and flak jacket both use an assault rifle with a shotgun attachment mainly for an additional ammunition pool and to conserve rifle bullets when in close range. The pistol is used on those two classes for when I think the situation calls for a bit of discretion, such as flanking where silent killing may be helpful. The third class, ghost, already has a suppressed rifle and uses the pistol as an additional ammunition pool should the primary run empty/low or I might want to conserve primary ammunition. The other two spam explosive bolts everywhere with scavenger.