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Ways to improve multiplayer (please give constructive criticism or like if you like my idea)


I have basically thought of a few things which would drastically improve multiplayer in black ops 2:

-All weapons balenced. If players are saying paticular guns are overpowered a lot, then that gun should be patched to become balanced.

-No grenade launcher attachments for assault rifles. Launchers will be vehicle lock on only or will do very low damage to infantry to prevent noob tubing.

-New killstreak system. We have had a really similar system every game since cod 4. MW3's poinstreak system was a step in the right direction but I have another idea: You no longer have to get kills/points in 1 life to get a reward:

-People will camp to get killstreaks if they have to get them in one life. Everyone has camped at some point- if you're one kill off a chopper gunner, you would most likely play it safe to get the final kill.

-It will make the game less rage- inducing. It's annoying when you get killed one off that chopper gunner... by someone camping to get theirs.

-So here is how it could work: You get "credits" for kills and stuff. 1 kill=1 credit. Destroying an enemy vehicle=1 credit. Capuring a flag/Objective= 2 credits.

At any point in a game, you can use that wrist computer to scroll through a list of rewards, select which one you want to use, and call it in. You will not be able to call in something if the air space is too crowded. Kills earned in a reward will not add credits.

-Earned Credits are carried through to the next game, as it's annoying when you can call something which you have earned in. You recieve 10 credits for your team winning the game, which promotes team play. I have a list of a few of the rewards which could be in the game:

3 Credits: UAV: Shows enemy positions on minimap, can be shot down. You will recieve 5 XP for a kill a team mate gets with your UAV up.

5 Credits: Care package, works the same as always.

7 Credits: Airstrike, works like the reward in MW3. (with this new system, you can call in UAV before hand to make your airstrike more accurate)

10 Credits: Quadrotor controlled by the player. Lasts for 45 seconds, armed with machine gun. No flares.

15 credits: Attack Helicopter, controlled by the player. Armed with machine gun, which has to cool down for 3 seconds after each kill (prevents spawn trapping) No flares, lasts for max.45 seconds.

25 Credits: Blackbird. Shows enemy position in real time for 45 seconds, cannot be shot down.

30 Credits: CLAW. Reqauires 3 rockets to be destroyed. Armed with machine gun and rocket launcher. Lasts for 90 seconds. Objectives in Domination can be captured while in the CLAW.

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    i would like to see specialist changed so once you unlock a perk you keep it till the end of the game you should not lose it after you die,like every 3-5 kills you get a new perk in order as what you set up reason i would like to see that is you still have to do the killing yourself it's not like you just put a chopper up and it kills people for you.

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    To amend what I posted earlier:  There will be 2 strike chains: Classic and Specialist. Specialist will award 1 new perk every 8 credits. Perks are not lost upon death.

    Players using Classic will choose 3 rewards. At least 1 Support category and Assault category reward must be chosen. This is to provide a balence between getting kills and team play. I created a more extensive list of available rewards too. The number signifies how many credits are needed to get the reward. This system will make rewards easier to get, and destroy, making the game flow better.

    Category 1: Support

    3: UAV- Shows enemy position on radar for 30 seconds. Can be blocked by CUAV, and shot down.

    4: Ammo Drop- Gives ammo to a team mate who collects it, rewarding the user with 150 XP. The user can also collect it.

    5: Support Care Package-Care package which will contain a Support reward.

    8: Counter-UAV- Jams enemy radar for 20 seconds. Will be uneffective against Advanced UAV and Blackbird.

    9: Quadrotor Strike- Strike a location of the map with Quadrotors. They hover over the area for 20 seconds, killing all enemies in the area. Useful for capping flags.

    15: Advanced UAV- Shows enemy position and direction. Scans twice as fast as a normal UAV. Carries 1 set of flares, but can be shot down. Not effected by Counter UAV.

    18: Emergency Airdrop- Airdrops 4 care packages. 2 will be Support, 2 will be Assault.

    25: Blackbird-Shows enemy position and direction in real time, and shows enemies using Ghost. Lasts for 45 seconds, cannot be shot down, unaffected by CUAV.

    Category 2: Assault

    5: Airstrike- Airstrike a location of your choice.

    5: Care Package: Care package which may contain a Support or Assault reward.

    7: Quadrotor Attack- Pilot a single Quadrotor for 30 seconds. Armed with a machine gun.

    9: Thermal Scope Airdrop- Airdrop some of those scopes which see through walls for your team. 3 scopes can be collected from 1 airdrop. Scopes last for 35 seconds before mysteriously breaking.

    11: Attack Helicopter-Pilot an attack helicopter for 45 seconds. You can move it and fire the machine gun. MG will have to cool down for 2 seconds after each kill to prevent spawn trapping. No flares.

    15: Assault Drone- Control an assault drone with a machine gun and rocket launcher. Can be destroyed by a single RPG, but won't leave the map until destroyed.

    20: CLAW-Fururistic tank. Armed with missiles and machine gun. You can capture flags with it. Takes 2 RPG hits to be destroyed.

    25: Gunship- AC130 style gunship. Lasts for 45 seconds. 1 set of flares.

    30: EMP- Sick of being hit by EMP in MW3? Same. But this will destroy any enemy vehicles, and only scramble your HUD for 10 seconds, as well as you can call new vehicles in immediately after being hit by an EMP.

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    I like the point system homefront had where you collect points them get to buy rewards.

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    Everything you posted is basically the same thing that is happening now.

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    Some ideas....


    Dynamic maps

    Areas within a map that might have been accessible in one match, might not be in the next and vice versa. This would make the maps somewhat less predictable.


    Destroyable buildings

    Some buildings can be brought down by things like an AC130 or predator missile. Weak buildings would require more than one or two missles/hits to bring down and not all buildings would be destroyable.


    Daytime/Nightime maps

    Each map can occur either in daytime or night time. This would occur randomly before the map begins. Or the match might begin in daylight and as the game progresses the map slowly turns into night time. Throughout the match as the sun moves, the showdows of the buildings and landscape change aswell.



    These ideas only about maps and not so much the guns, perks, points etc. But before any ideas, PLEASE FIX THE LAG COMP SYSTEM AND MATCHMAKING!

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    The patching of guns needs to be taken with a grain of salt. People complain about every gun that kills them and the guns that get complained about the most are usually the ones that are used the most. What needs to be done is investigations into why guns are being used to so much

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    Great Changes for Multiplayer:


    -Full Character Customization.


    -Female Soldiers added in.


    -A much wider variety of weapons, possibly add weapons in DLC as well as maps.


    -Vehicle Warfare, even if it has to have it's own game mode separately from others.


    -More/Fully destructible environments making camping more difficult and increasing realism.


    -Hardcore and Core modes should have all playable game mode choices in both categories.


    -A very wide selection of camoflauges, even those that aren't meant to blend in.


    -Clan Tag weapon engravement should be customizable.


    -Weapon Emblems should be more customizable (placement, size, ect.)


    -Time of Day should be allowed to change while playing, making it more realistic and making it harder to hide.


    -Less boundary limits, to allow for access to new areas and more dangers.


    -More map interactions and dynamics to increase realism and change parts of the map during play. Making it harder to hide and sometimes getting kills through map elements (not just vehicle explosions)


    -More patching of game to keep players from using glitches so easily.


    -Admins in game to kick cheaters.


    Add these elements to the game and still keep the basic game modes as well and Call Of Duty would become so much better and I think would have even more players and fans than it already does.

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    Fix the lag


    Fix matchmaking


    Change score needed for UAV or change when players unlock ghost


    Fix the maps, do what you did in BO and not leave them without any way to defend a objective in CTF


    Fix spawn points, especially in Nuketown

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    Ricochet on hc for gods sake and more hc modes. Where the hell is domination or headquarters?