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Ok Ok I admit it ..............


Im a NOOB!!!!!


I like Snd havent played much of MW3 Snd, but ive noticed since starting ....


Play Snd with a Sniper class setup ... Im a Noob

Play Snd with an Assault class setup ... Im a Noob

Play Snd with ANY setup and im a Noob!!!!!


So im just gonna accept im a Noob ......


I didnt know I played like a Noob til i started getting messages off people telling me, usually after just killing them surprisingly

anyways check out this little video of me being a Noob in Snd and my last kill (not final kill) makes me such a Noob apparently.



Im sick of this I try not to let it get to me but im sick of receiving messages off people telling me what and who I am and how my mum apparently has a fetish for 13 year old ps3 players - who also happen to be my dad (that are magically years younger than me).


Anyway in all seriousness why get so mad?

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    Yep your a noob, lol.


    Only joking mate looked ok to me, you will have to do what I do - Toggle mute, I get fed up with it, If I join a lobby with kids I mute straight away don't give em the chance to get started.  I then get the messages! but most are foreign.


    They won't stop the kids playing because game sales and profits would be halved, it is the price you pay for being good, in a strange way take as a compliment.

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    Listen....  If you are good at this game and/or get the best of someone  you are considered one of four things,  a troll, a noob, a camper, or a hacker----  just let those messages slide right off ya.

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    It's getting to the point where it is actually disappointing not to receive a hate message after a game.  It means I wasn't good enough to pee off the enemy!

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    hate messages are great, it lets me know ive annoyed them, goal acheived , go to the recent players met screen and keep joining the hate messengers games, give them reason to hate,

    nice job on the gold model btw,

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    I just ignore them.


    I usually have my mic on and constantly get called a noob in search and destroy.


    Am i the only one who just finds the word really childish and cringey.

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      no im the same it used to be a word which ment something but cos we hear it so much now its just become a meaning-less word like camper. If on teh rare occasion i have my mic on its alway french people or another eu country that doesnt speak english so i find it hard to retaliate.

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    lol i went 40-1 or 44-1 on kc in underground so this guy messsaages me saying im a joke  i ask him how he says no one goes 40-1 without hacking glitching or my favoirite sitting in a corner with a sniper so i told him ill upload the game to my theater he can go and watch it i never heard from him again the reason i got so many kills was because i was in a heaven lobby no assasin or blideye users with stingers so my 2 pave lows went mad

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      I've sort of made it my goal to mute every single player in MW3. When the lobby pops up I am quick on the mute button, but that's mostly because I wind up on teams with idiots that are blasting their rap or country music into the headphones and you can't hear anything on the game, or I wind up with a guy arguing with his wife or g/f on the game and having a cuss fess and wind up laughing and getting distracted.


      What I find funny is I am really not that good, my k/d in TDM is only .912 right now, though that's more due to me sucking big time when the game first came out, my normal games now are usually between 15-20 kills and between 5-10 deaths, but somehow when I have a good game I'm nOOb or hacking and normally I just respond with, uh...do you see my K/d? I'm obviously not hacking, lol. I think a guy the other night was just peeved that I killed him and picked up his UMP and then ran off an 11-kill streak using his gun in which I killed him 3-4 times again with it. I got a nice message on PSN after that game. Some people just can't handle losing.