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Daily BS in MW3

What are your thoughts on the balance of guns in MW3? How about nerfing some guns such as the Type 95, MK14, FMG-9 akimbos, etc. What guns do you feel need a buff? I feel like the AA-12, PM-9 and CM901 need a buff, care to add to that list?


I also feel like Deathstreaks are BS too. Where is the logic in having a person blow up and get a free kill (obviously talking about Dead Man's Hand), while it takes no skill and could end a nice killstreak, etc.


The #1 thing I'm most upset about is the spawn system. I mean really, WTF??


P.S. I am also on YouTube, my latest video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-qwygDGU3g