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Can never get above a 2 bar connection? Why??


When ever I play MW3 day or night my connection is either 2 or 1 bar. My internet is decent, not the best but I always use to get 3-4 bars and sometimes I'm even host. I live in America, so I'm sure region is not an issue. Even when no one else in the house is using the internet its still the same, 1-2 bar. VERY rarely do I get 3 bar and thats when the host is godly but thats only 1 in 25 games and I don't want to back out of every 25 games I join.


Is there anyway I can fix this? Maybe theres something wrong with my router? Are there any settings I should adjust that might help!?! I'm really sick of being behind everyone by 1 sec when 1 sec is all it takes to drop someone in this game. Any help would be greatly appreciated, THANKS!