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2 PS3's one router. Party issues


I will try to explain everything.  I recently hooked up another ps3 in the house.  (my sons).   I placed my ps3 on DMZ on my router and gave my ps3 the static IP.  I did not change a thing on his.  I shut off the firewall on the router.  I did this because it has no recording blocks for the past year until I hooked up my sons ps3.  So I assumed it was a cause of the following issue. To find out that it didn't fix the problem.


We can both play mw3 online all night long.  We can both join each other's party if that party has no other players in it.  Only once I was able to invite a single friend in and we could game.  As soon as the match was over a second player came in, making it a party of four.  It booted both of them.  We have been lucky to get a party of 6 but soon as I click to join a game it booted the other 4.  If I make someone else the party leader it will boot either myself or him and sometimes both.  


  We both rock a four bar when we are playing multiplayer online.  It's just the party issues. 

Thanks for any help.



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    Hello PURELUCK1999,


    I am sorry to hear you are having this problem.  In my experience, having two Playstation's behind the same router typically requires a bit of network troubleshooting on both consoles.


    You were absolutely correct in assigning a static IP to your Playstation 3 and setting that as the DMZ host.  I usually recommend when running two Playstation's on the same network, that you assign both consoles separate static IP addresses, assign one as DMZ host.  Typically the one that is used the most should be set as DMZ host of the router as it ensures that no ports are being blocked and you have a completely open connection, exlcuding built in firewall/security features of the router. For the other console, you would then forward the ports.


    The reason I recommend this, is because when you have two Playstations behind the same router/home network, this can often cause server issues where it will identify both consoles as one (based on the way the IP shows up server side), and cause those kinds of kicks.


    Once you assign a static IP to your son's console, try forwarding the following ports for that IP on your router;

    80, 443, 3074, 3478, 3479, 3658, and 5223.


    Some of these ports are standard Playstation Network ports, and may improve your connection in other games as well (3658 is the standard port for voice data transmission on Playstation 3).

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      Thanks for the info.   I did not have a clear understanding of forwarding ports, that's why i haven't done that yet.  I am confident now that I understand it.  I actually have those port number you mentioned already sitting in the my router I just didn't click enable because I wasnt sure if what I was doing was correct.  I am glad I didn't because it wasnt'.  I had the port forwarding about to go to my ps3 not my sons.  So tonight I will give him a static ip and forward them to that ps3.   Thanks for your help.

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        No problem!  Please let us know if this helps your connection when you are both playing and that you are no longer receiving those weird server kicks.


        Based on your remark about being at 4 bar connection speeds always, I don't believe this was ever an error regarding connection speeds, but more so the availability of the necessary ports.  If those ports are closed/timed-out, then the game cannot send and receive information properly with the server.


        You can also check to see if those ports are available by using the Playstation 3's Internet Browser.


        Simply go to http://canyouseeme.org and check those previously listed ports.  If the appear as closed/timed-out, then this very well could be the cause of that issue.

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          Will do.  I won't be able to check anything until 5pm EST.  I will likely post this time tomorrow for a what happened post.

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            Sounds good let me know if you need anymore assistance.

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              Wow this has taken me a long time to respond.  Anyways.  Both ps3's can go in a party together now. 

              I have a new problem.  My PS3 that is on the DMZ has a lag.  I go to turn a corner and I walk about 1 ft past it before the turn takes place.  It's like my guy is drunk.  I push left and it takes half a second to go left and if I go quick right it delays even longer.  Only in multiplayer mode.  Now when I use the ps3 downstairs on static IP and not outside the DMZ, it has no issues what so ever.  It's almost like controller lag is happening.  So I tried 3 different controllers upstairs and there all doing the same thing.  Honestly I can't even play MW3 on that ps3 in multiplayer. I may try static IP and take it back off DMZ.  Any other suggestions appreciated.

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                From what I have read, To DMZ one system and port forward another can confuse the router. There are Three main ways to direct ports, DMZ, which places system outside of firewall and makes all ports available to the evil clutches of the inner Matrix. Port Forwarding which keeps all the Ports open that the user designates... And UPnP - which some say places a slight delay on the flow of traffic....


                I personally have experience managing two systems on one router. What works is making sure you have your ports forwarded. Also forward 6000-7000 tcp/udp. (I could be wrong but I have checked my routers log and these ports are being used when I have two systems online for mw3.) Ports 6000-7000 are used as secondary ports for UPNP.


                Anyhow forward all ports... Make sure UPnP is active on (router settings) and active on one ps3 (Network settings) You really don't have to make it a Static IP if it is using UPNP. Port forward the other PS3 with Static IP and UPNP off for this PS3. Stay away from DMZ as it has never made a difference for me. DMZ is just a lazy way of forwarding ports.


                I am new at this stuff but have been studying so hard to get all my MW3 lag issues in order I am becoming a pro. lol... Hope this helps.

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    You need to turn you router firewall back on, if you have not already.  Iv used two PS3's on one router plenty with never DMZ'ing anything either.  This is a lazy tech's way of fixing a problem, even though it wont fix it because its not the cause.


    I dont experience lag most of the time either.  I think is due to my constant use of the PS3's recovery menu and its 'RESTORE FILE SYSTEM'.  While many will try and argue that the PS3 does not fragment, the rest of us know the truth of this.  Everything fragments, even our own minds.


    PnP might be your other issue.  I dont use it either and have to say that without it seems a much smoother ride than the constant e-bablle PnP uses in communicating with connected devices.  It does nothing for or against security (even tho there are debated hacks against PnP xT's).


    I understand that my adivce seems to go against the mainstream, but who do you think the 'mainstream' are in ANY internet forum these days.  I can say that my units function without problem, when they have an issue I simply do some system maintenance (just like when you do on your PC), and Im back to running like a champ.


    Oh oh, musta just peeved off some lame hacker, I just got a pop up saying 'Bad Gateway'... one of these days after Virginity Wart makes some sales off this game they will start looking into the security of this forum AND this game.