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This game makes me mad

Hello I open this topic to get help, I'm French and I play call of duty has long since (2005). I have lots of huge bug first: I have no lag compensation, I play with 255Mbps. 2nd: I do not play nearly as with Russian or Polish (who have 100 000 mbps) .3 th: Steam bug I open a web page and occasionally steam remains in the first plane and a mouse in through insecure plan. Help me there there any thing on windows or touch then software
Ps: I do not even download my connection is alway up and my nat is open.


My english is bad i use a google translat thank.

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    wierd worlds are these

    255Mbps download speed lol pure lie or show a Speedtest.net result showing it.


    2nd Russian and Polish players do not have 100,000Mbps connections as that will be a 10GB connection speed's to residential houses, if they did then they could download a full Blu-Ray rip of a film at 45GB in around 1 minute.


    As I said in the other thread get a better pc because it sound's like yours is crap.

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      . The Russian and Polish, have fiber optics have not all the 100 000 mbps. Here is a test from speedtest http://www.speedtest.net/result/2006316255.png

      My pc runs very well (Skyrim high quality) it can be 4 years but did not bug. My ISP does that send me 255 mbps, he says it's broadband ...

      The best connection is that there were about MW3, was two months ago, I look at my youtube channel and that is where I had the very good score, with 255mbps ... Put the update of two months ago because it is really hot, I was making very much like 42/13 or 54/12 and now a specialist to make a single good thing is almost impossible for (A from time to time)

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        wierd worlds are these

        so you have a 2mbps connection not 255mbps.


        The polish and russian players will have a 10mbps or 100mbps connections but certainly not 10GBps connections.


        The whole reason you have such a bad experience on the game now is that it uses more bandwidth and your connection is just simply crap.

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          Yes sorry I get confused with the mbps and kbps connection to my crap go and tell her it was the France say that broadband is, how it will do that sometimes I have exellent part or I do very big score ... (They already told me that I cheated)

          Sorry for Google translat