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Did I Get Mic Banned??

Last night before I went to bed my cousin and I decided to hop online and play a few matches of survival. I dug out my trusty bluetooth device that I have used for MW3 on many occassions, only to discover that the game won't recognize it. I can tweak the settings under the Accessories menu and adjust the volume. I have the proper input and output devices selected as I can hear myself speaking through the playstation. However I can't seem to get it to appear with the Mic icon in game lobbies. My first thought was that something was wrong with my bluetooth but the more I explore the situation the more I'm led to believe that I've been banned from using the mic because I've noticed I can't even hear other people who have mic's. It will show me they have one but nobody in the lobby ever speaks or has any ambient noise what-so-ever (atleast that's how it appears).


So I have one question, if I did get mic banned... why!? I barely use my mic and when I do I barely speak... yeah I've said things like "damn shotgunners" or "that was bullshit" etc, but who doesn't? also, I've heard people say way more offensive, rude, and even racist things and yet they continue to be free to do so..


If I'm not mic banned why would my mic suddenly stop working for MW3 but is still fine for everything else ?!


Any help with shedding some light on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I highly doubt your mic got banned, my best guess is something is wrong with your settings. Make sure your ouput under sound accessories is the blue tooth, when I used a blue tooth that was my biggest problem, the PS3 just refused to make that the output for some reason.


    If you're mic was banned you would've recieved some kind of notification of it, they don't just ban mics and not tell people about it. My best guess is that something is going wrong on your end, so just tinker with the settings and it will work eventually

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      That's what I said in my post... I have both input and output setting options set to my bluetooth and I can hear my own voice as I speak coming THROUGH the playstation. The playstation can connect and disconnect the device and I can modify my voice using the voice changer..... this is what I don't understand. I can use it for everything EXCEPT the game. Even the PS3's voice chat feature works... I'm not saying you're wrong... I will keep exploring as I've done for the past 12 hours but I don't think there's anything I can do to make it work from my end. Like I said, I've used it before, recently actually, and it was just fine. Now all that has happened was the bluetooth sat on its charger for a few days... no re-pairing, no settings changes, and now it won't work :S

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      This is why I bought a PS3 brand bluetooth. Never had issues with connectivity.

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        lol it's not an issue with connectivity... it's connected and it works. the game won't recognize that it's a usable audio device or something. the playstation is connected to it right this minute and I tested the voice chat feature with one of my friends... the device itself is fine, and works with the playstation. it's just not functioning in the game... i do know my fair share about computers since i've been building them for 10+ years, i also know a couple programming languages like C++, Java, and C#... trust me when I say I've tried everything I know to get it to work and it just won't. which is exactly why I assumed I was mic banned... I can't get my mic to work in mw3 itself for 1, and for 2, I can't hear anyone talk ever, even if they have had their mic enabled for 2 hours.... this... to me... does not sound like a setting issue. sorry to say it

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    This is common if you are an above average player, who just happens to end up with a lobby of someone who does what Sony claims is impossible... hacking the PS3 and inserting redirects/virus into it.


    The full design behind this is unknown... as of yet, but still working on it.  For some reason a LOT of cheats utilize the VoIP line in one form or another to kind of "piggyback" code into the game.  You can play around with this working theory)by muting all players and then un-muting all players... just make sure to 'RESTORE FILE SYSTEM' from your recovery menu in between switches (if you don't have playlists or such Id even recommend 'REBUILD DATABASE').  I was surprised when the utility guy came by and mentioned it to me as he was an avid gamer but i didn't think too many folk where onto this one even though a few pf us have been screaming about it since MW1.


    Iv also noticed that I can get these 'hackers' to turn my mic off by playing music like FINAL LEVEL and other music not common for most folk.  They seem to hate rap the most... even the clean stuff.


    So no, you didnt get banned for saying 'bull s**t' thru your mic online.  The main purpose of the report feature entitled 'REPORT OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE' mostly has to do with toon and clan names (even though we all see how well it does anything while we play, eh?).  Yes, the 'un-hackable playstation' is hacked on a daily basis, especially along with this game.


    Maybe we can luck out and the devs will start to realize how dangerous this is for their survivability in the market as porn sites did and up their security to some of the best in the business.  However, my continuous efforts (spending 4 years trying to get the desperately needed "Privacy Settings" added to our message system, etc) doesn't leave a lot of hope for much.

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    whats your NAT type tho?


    That can effect voice chat within the game. Has it changed recently to Moderate or Strict?

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    I had this issue and it may not actually be your end. Try turning you PS3 on and off and see if that works, does for me the odd occassion I get the same issue.

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    I can tell you its NEVER just open.  That would be like turning off my firewall and antivirus on my PC... or even worse since the PS3 has NOTHING LIKE THOSE PROTECTIONS.  My router is the only thing protecting my PS3 from being the tool that comprimises my entire network and they want me to open it up?!?


    I dont have any issue with game play or talking (even when I switch to "STRICT", but I usually keep things to "MODERATE") so I just wont understand why people would think that is ever a 'first-step' in trouble shooting... even when I was out in Cali on TWC.


    Seriously, if I gave adivce like these 'techs' give when I was in the USMC... Id be court martialed and serving in Lebanworth for up to 5 years for derecliction of duty and explosing unnecassary risk(s)!!!

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      1Re78GS234 wrote:


      Seriously, if I gave adivce like these 'techs' give when I was in the USMC... Id be court martialed and serving in Lebanworth for up to 5 years for derecliction of duty and explosing unnecassary risk(s)!!!

      LOL - I can't count how many things are wrong with this sentence

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    No, you have not been mic banned as there is no such thing.


    It is a fault your end.

    some simple suggestions are :

    In MW3 Options do you have the voice volume turned up.

    On your router have you forwarded port 3658 for the voice chat, or maybe mistakingly blocked it.

    Have you tried re-installing MW3

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    I'm pretty sure you only get banned for 24 hours with no reset or anything else for mic banning. If thats not what you got it must be something else.