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Tips on doing well SOLO

I normally play solo mostly capture the flag, I have a 1.7 and climbing kd. no Im not the best player, but I can say I piss alot of clans and groups off. and im a conistant player around 28-10 30-12.. NEVER NEGATIVE.... WHY?


Tip 1


Use blind eye pro


groups will ALWAYS use kill streaks against randoms and N00bs using blind eye will alow you to move around the map freely. also this allow sthe element of suprise.. They think all noobs will use SOH and if air support is up, they will bunch together indoors, which is easier to kill  and get MORE KILL STREAKS!


tip 2


use assassin pro

stay off the map. groups/clans spam UAV!




use cheap weapons, and classes that will fit the game play

have 3 or 4 classes set for different situations. if you seem to be gettig killed due to ie air support switch to blind eye pro..


-cheap easy weapons are good and you better believe clan and group try hards are using them.. rest assured they will call you a n00b if you do well or not play your game


tip 4

stay way from TEAMMATES!


as a solo player you will normally get killed because of dumb teamates doing stupid crap. run to the flow of traffic. teammates can be your worst enemy!


do this and watch your KDR climb!

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    an easier tip


    with Blind Eye Pro + Assassin Pro, hide in a remove area and keep switching your weapons to act dead till idiots ran by. Kill them, then move onto the next area.

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    I would also mention to roll with the Mercenary playlist-- that way you get into matches with a bunch of folks not in a group.

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      Last time I was on and conisdered playing in the Mercenary Playlist, there was about 2700 people total on. That doesn't leave a lot of open matches/lobbies, nor enough to make sure the connections are decent. With very little choice in available lobbies, it degrades the quality of the match quite a bit.


      As a frequent Solo player, I can agree with most of these tips however. My favorite class to use against parties that I play against is something like this:


      Assault Rifle W/Attachment of Choice


      Tactical Insertion



      Blind Eye Pro

      Assassin Pro

      SitRep Pro

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    Good OP. I agree with all points and as a solo player I find those tactics work well for me as well. I dont like to use cheap weapons though I do like to rank lots of weapons so I use cheap ones from time to time and yes they do make the game a lot easier.

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    I start with SOH but I switch classes too. you're right, having an air support class is a must if you're playing solo, also I notice that clans like to rush a lot so playing more defensive is effective, headglitching works, I got called a camper after a game that we lost but i got the highest score in TDM with 27 kills they were rushing and i played defensively

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      well its okay to lose, as long as the winning team feels like they lost. playing how you need to to still do very well even in a  losing game is the most important. if they arent calling me names, then im doing something wrong lol

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    Nothing is more frustrating that playing solo imho. Getting 40 kills in tdm and still losing makes me quite angry.