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Zombie map ideas

I think Sammantha's house is an accurate map possibility I heard discussion of this from Treyarch last week june1st-june7th. The rooms you would have seen after pack-a-punching a weapon would be few of the rooms but on a larger scale.There would maybe be a dog house (The story line of the hell hounds would help describe this).The only downside is the map would possibly turn out to be like Verruckt. 




A exciting map i was thinking about would be a Tibetan Monk village.Perhaps be Takio's old home a weapon idea for this map could be like a ballistic knife weapon like a samurai sword.The village could have secret escape routes.It would be a larger map good for training(**** train).




My last idea is by far my best I think.Directly in the middle of the crater created by the rockets deployed from moon.This would be a map for the hardcore winding tunnels, dead ends, drops to another level to get away prehaps more ziplines.Lava would be included maybe that could be like a trap maybe even more napalm zombies. 



Thankyou for reading my article I hope you liked it.

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    i posted an idea for samanthas house cuz i think it would be smart to put it in the game

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      I agree with this samanthas house would be a good but what I think is we should make a map where u start on earth( similar to moon) but u can but then when u get far enough u can go to different planets where the planets are similar to there natural forms or map in Charlie and the chocolate facorty