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  • 80. Re: Audio EMP!!!

    fuzzy, i've experienced the same with my trittons, and i've found that you have to unplug them for a second!?  it hurts doesn't it!?  i'm gonna sue!  yeah right:)

  • 81. Re: Audio EMP!!!

    This happened right before the match that erased my games and Game Data Utility folder contents and I got the error 'Client Command Overflow' screen ???

  • 82. Re: Audio FEEDBACK!!!

    i know exactly what ur talking about , got the same problem about a month or so ago one minute the audio is fine then some loud buzzing sound comes through the speakers and you can't hear the game audio or anything but a buzz

  • 83. Re: Audio EMP!!!

    Everyone that runs into this issue needs to contact activision support and create a support ticket, the developers nor support come here and read the topics, this issue effects 3 games in the series (that i know of, mw2, black ops, and mw3, i only know of those 3 because my first cod game was mw2),


    Get in contact with activision support for them to realise that this is not a isolated issue, they are seeing it as a isolated issue because you all are only posting about it on the forums and not taking it to support.


    Again everyone that has posted here needs to also report it to support or this issue will not get resolved if you don't. 

  • 84. Re: Audio EMP!!!

    Maybe what your saying is true Frank2069, That they don't come to read the problems in the forums. Then a day and time should be pick out for everyone to call and blow there phones up at support. Then see how long it takes after that for the problem to get fixed

  • 85. Re: Audio EMP!!!

    That audio EMP is the worse. I got a pair of Trittons that are usually turned up loud because I am hard of hearing (damn 80's metal) but when that buzz goes, I have to throw my headset off in fear of my ears bleeding.


    I think it's a conspiracy, a subliminal message that all the sudden get's audible. It's the worse.

  • 86. Re: Audio EMP!!!

    It doesn't need to be coordinated like that, it just needs to be reported by using proper channels, the more reports they receive the more they will see that this isn't a isolated issue. The proper channel would be to contact activision support with a link to the YouTube video in this topic. It doesn't need to be coordinated, it just needs to be reported by everyone.

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    I've had this noise as well, shat my nappy when it happened!

  • 88. Re: Audio EMP!!!

    I just had something happen that almost blew out my surround system...


    I was playing, and i got shot by a helicopter, and right after it made a wierd noise and all of the sudden the bass was so loud it almost made my crap myself.


    It went on for about 45 seconds and i ended up having to turn off my sound for fear of ruining a $1500 set of speakers.

  • 89. Re: Audio EMP!!!

    WOW!!!  Someone else on a right track... but Vern they say; how can they hack using just the audio lines???  Well, I thought thats what them guys got their fancy degrees to figure this stuff out... and usually they should be figuring it out before folks like us.


    I can say on the rare occasions this happens on my end, I might as well let my dog start playing from there on out its so ridulously, obvioulsy cheated/hacked.


    BTW... go spend some time with a G-6 ISMO tech (Oorah USMC)... they can hack your alram clock with feedback from your stereo speakers, figurativly speaking of course, but honestly its why the USMC tossed cable to the curb was (1) its realibility on feedback; a focre that cannot be predicited with any level of certainty, and (2) when utilized properly; feedback can be 'disguised'  and can help gain access to a system with a high level of effecincy.


    Sometimes I wonder if it isnt one omy my G-6'rs but I know they all got something called honor and integrity and they arent lookin to impress any young kids with their 'wicked awesome' gaming skillz so what would be the point?

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