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People not playing objectives.


Personally I hate when people never play objectives but just go for kills, if that's the case then stick to TDM. DEMO for example, when I'm not with my clan these randoms never want to plant or defuse. Kill confirms is terrible too when everybody wants to get kills but nobody grabs tags. Annoying...personally I'm not super crazy about having a great K.D. id much rather have a average K.D. And a high win percentage. Unless I'm playing TDM, KC, or DOM I could careless if I die 100 times in most objective based games.

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    People not playing the objective on CoD? May as well have titled this thread "The Sky is Blue" or "Women be Shoppin'"

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    Believe it or not there is an objective in domination.

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    It's the reason why I can't play objective games solo anymore.


    When I play Domination solo, I end up with the 5+ caps, most kills & the least deaths yet my teammates are all negative with 1 or 2 captures in which we end up losing.


    It's not that my random team are playing Dom for the first time considering Elite states that they have played approx over 50 hours of Domination, its that they continue to ignore capping flags or defending two points.



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    As a die hard objective player playing solo both has its rewards and challenges. I will often put up much higher scores playing solo since I have to do more than I do playing with a party. Plus it is highly rewarding when you are that guy who takes over a game and finishes on the winning side with a great score and kdr basically carrying your team.


    The downside is nothing bugs me more than watching teammates spawn near an uncapped flag and run away from it while I am trying to secure it. I mean what an easy way to start your point streak than help a teammate secure an cap before you move on. Same thing goes when you watch someone running away from the objective instead of defending it.


    I have learned just to stick with the mercenary lobby when playing solo it is still 50/50 when domination comes around but many times I can get on my mic and convince the other players on helping me out with the objectives.


    Here are my dom stats just by looking at the lobby leaderboard pregame you can get a pretty good idea of what you can expect from the players in the lobby.

    According to Elite overall rank 9222 10163 caps 5044 defends 2402 games 45,000+ kills 1.15 kdr 70% win percentage. I average 4.23 caps per game and just over 2 defends although the defends stats never seem to calculate correctly.

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    Oh but people are going for the objectives and such. Not YOUR or MY teammates but the opponents are. That's why one keep loosing those random games. Since you always get the bad teammates. Just carried my team to a win in Team Tactical: Demolition with 50 kills and a K/AD above 2.5. I was the only one planting and defusing the bombs. Luckily, the opponents weren't the brightest either.

    I know the feeling bro, i really do.

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    Hey dumbass its called not getting killed by running blindly toward dog tags like a ******* retard.

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      Yeah your rite man but dying KC or DOM means nothing. Those game mode are piont based if K\D is what you play for then play TDM. I find most people that play for K\D in ojective based game modes suck at TDM.

      I still ojective baseed matches shouldn't count towards your K\D or kils count. That would get rid of a lot of people but it mite completely ruin that mode. It has been really bad lately with all the double xp

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    im gonna have to be the bad guy here but im use to it... why do i not play the objective?


    because the randoms im paired with suckkkkK!!!!! try playing the objective when you have 4 snipers in dome ranked 10.. 0 prestege. they wanna camp in a corner, or spin around in circles staring and shooting at the clouds.. get mad at me for kill whoring, im not going negative because my team is terrible.... however if i go into a game and i see my team actually playing.. you bet ill play the objective

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      I agree with both you and the guy above you.  If I am on a terrible team where from the start it is crystal clear we are going to lose no matter what we do, they all suck and I am the only one jumping on flags (getting killed in the process) I will start just playing for kills or a MOAB. 


      Also, some people STUPIDLY go after the objective.  Hey moron, we are up 125-70 in domination, stop trying to Triple Cap the A Dom, they are just going to start spawning behind us at C dom and take that and possibly B. 


      Hey moron, stop running out into the open for every tag, there's 2 guys in that building watching the tag, picking people off, even when you get it, they are killing you and getting your tag - net zero. 



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    I'd like to point out that I'm in the top 30K on sabotage with only 210 pain-staking heart-wrenching games and all because I planted the bomb!

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    Yup people have a 2.5+ K/D in dom and they think they're the sh1t, except they have less than 300 captures with 5k games played, absolutely pathetic. Any half decent player can get a 2.0 k/d in dom if they jus play slayer the whole game.......

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    In Soviet Russia we imprison comrades that do not play the objective!  You freedom loving, self choice making, undissaplined, heathen capitolists.......

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    People are not even playing the objective in TDM. They fail the simplest objective of them all. Most of my random team mates feeds the enemy killstreaks, runs around like headless chickens, and post single- double KDs game after game. 

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    Have to agree. They need to do something about this. In domination the amount of dom points you get should affect your xp for that game, if you capture none then you should get a small percentage of xp.


    I have over 5,000 captures. I could boost my kills if I never played the objective but Im always the idiot running solo to the B dom point when we have the disadvantage spawn maps. Im the only one running a smoke grenade. im also one of the few people shooting down kill streaks.


    Im so frustrated with playing randoms that Im seriously thinking of not playing domination and going to TDM but even thats not a perfect solution for idiot team mates! dont fancy the campy free for all either really. :/