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Blame parents for W@W hacking problems

While i accept that both publisher, developer and game host all have an ongoing part to fix/police the game, in my opinion the blame for the ongoing hacking problems lies at the feet of the players parents. The game is designed for a more growing mature minded player and as such, the thoughts and decisions on how to play the game are made. Reading many of the posts in the suspension section of the xbox live forum from relatives of banned players you will notice that a huge majority of the banned players are under the legal age limit of the game. This therefore means that parents are not controlling what their children are playing. The game was never intended for the minds of players who fall under the age limit of the game, they are just not developed and mature enough. All these youngsters want to do is have fun, and that fun implies never getting killed but they can kill everyone, use every weapon possible and fly around all over the place. This is what the minds of these youngster want, fun in that form and the hackers give them that fun.

I am sure that there are some who are of the legal age limit of the game but still want to behave like an immature child but i believe there are more who are interested in playing the game as it supposed to be played and therefore players have no interest in cheating and therefore not entering modded lobbies to obtain infections. Starve the hackers of their supply, the immature kids and slowly you loose the hackers because they eventually get bored of sitting in a modified lobby with no one to infect. The only way to starve the hackers of their supply is if parents took their responsibility more seriously and controlled what games they played but alas, this is never ever going to happen.
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    Bad Parents, greedy publisher targeting 10 year old boys for their target audience and flipping off any mature/competitive players, greedy gamestop not even trying to enforce the ESRB rating... then the publisher doesnt support a game 6 months after it milks it for money... pisses me off that COD4 and W@W were as good as COD will ever be now.

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    Most intelligent thread I have read tonight.

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    blame the parents for the hacking? you're a low life loser. get a life. thats not whos the problem for hacking, its the loner low lifes in basements with no life.

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    you dumb idiot for thinking the parents are to blame for the hacking, honestly its the company who wont invest in getting it fixed is to blame, they just want your money. they dont care about the hacking.

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    you make it sound like it's illegal to play this game if you aren't the age it says on the packaging. I'm sure parents are part of the problem but IW should be doing more to help prevent these things. They did a Clean up and sent in the banhammers a while ago and that cleaned up the game for a couple weeks but then they kind of came back. I feel like there are only two lobbies that are running in this game because once in a while I'll get a game without any hackers but then I keep running into the same people over and over again.

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      No s.hit it's the developers' fault, too (IW and Treyarch, not just IW). No s.hit it's not "illegal" for kids under 17 in the US to play these games, no matter what the OP was or wasn't implying. But it should be that some parents show some discretion toward letting little kids play these games who would be prone to things like cheating.


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