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Level 31clan ps3 29 gold medal streak last op ranked in 67th place recruiting now

Hi all we are looking for new premium members or founders for our clan You Will Rage! clan tag YwR! we are looking for people with a minimum 1.42 kd which is our clan average kd and we also want people with high spm around 250 upwards we are mainly from the uk but would at least consider other places within europe we are a small clan and we want to stay that way so limited spots available we communicate well and work as team were currently level 31 with 29 high ranking gold medals if anyone meets our requirments and is interested please get in touch however you would like the apply now feature our clan feed or you can message me via psn my id is andyb712 thanks lads also here is a direct link to our clan and you can have a look for yourself https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/861385