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    my cover is blown.


    if you have a 1.75 k/d and care about it, don't play the shotguns.  if you wanna have fun, play the shotguns.  until you get really good with them, it will be the most fun you ever had going 20-15.  you do get clipped at range but once you are in range, you are the thunderous finger of God. 



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    For me, with the USAS (and I think double weapon XP had something to do with it) it took around roughly 400 kills to get range.  Still pretty good as just a raw shotgun so it wasn't much trouble getting range/damage.

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    see?  what he said

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    It is destroying my K/D Im avging about a 2.0 with it, but its fun. Had a couple decent rounds with it over the past couple days 32-7., 19-7, 14-5,11-4. Thats why Im dying to put range or damage on it....but again, Im about to prestige

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    clearly our opinions on what is a destroyed k/d differ greatly.  I would cut out and black market my own kidney for a 2.0 k/d.  not for the number itself but for the level of play i would be exuding.



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    The pumps are not very good weapons in this game.  far too inconsistent to be really usefull.  The usas has a good mix of one shot kill range and fire rate.  The striker is tied simply because it is descently strong and you can spam the crap out of it.  But if you want to do well with a shotgun stick to striker and usas.

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    On SnD its about 300 kills to get range. Not sure if game mode matters cause in SnD your not gonna get as many kills. Also if you plan on ranking up any shotty besides the USAS, KSG or SPAS yo umight as well use a token on them because the others are unlocked to late. Unless you just sacrifice everything to rank up that shotty. What ai mean is use it on every map even if that map is a horrible shotty map. That also means kinda screwing over your team for your own needs lol.

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    AA12 is a BO flamethrower in shotgun form...

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    Good advice.