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= the worse gun in the game. you get a hitmarker and you're freaking screwed because you'r left open recocking your gun so you can't do nothing but take the death wow lol and whats the point of unlocking attachments for this gun?

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    i like using this gun. Just have to use it in the right way. Normally run with overkill until its leveled up.I find SLH QD and stalker are a must some friends run it with specialist. most seem to prefer damage but i always do better with range. you have to pop out from cover or round corners with trigger finger ready

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    Every time i use it I feel like I'm hunting those kids with their easy-mode MP7's and ACR's. I just wish I could get Akimbos like in MW2. That was some weird sh!t but it was dope as hell

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    Yes it is not very good.  There is a fun setup for it though.  I call it "Cowboys" Its


    model 1887 (damage or best proficiency you have so far)

    akimbo magnums

    throwing knife

    slight of hand pro

    quickdraw pro

    steady aim pro

    I go specialist because I have damage unlocked

    without damage go with support.


    Swap to pistols immediately after firing as fast as possible. (with SOH pro its lightning fast)  If they didn't die from the first shot spam the magnums at them.  This set up only works on small maps because you have no long range secondary.  This class trades any long range combat potential to help eliminate deaths from bs hitmarkers.  Its fun as hell too.


    (note akimbo five sevens are more practical but the class is called cowboys so revolvers just feel right.) 

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    got the model gold a few days ago... struggled with it for a while, but as soon as you get damage on it... HOLY POOP! it turns into an absolute savage beast....