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Xbox 360 Elite Clan [BoD] = Blade of Dawn looking for a few members

[BoD] started as soon as Elite let clans go up, after the utter failure from IW and Elite, we walked away for a few months. Now that everything seems to be working fine on Elite, we have started playing again and would like to recruit a few new members, obviously, we would love to have some new recruits that are Premium Members.


At the moment, we are only level 2, so if you join [BoD] you'd basically be with us from the beginning, our only real requirement is that you are respectful to other players, we do not discriminate against age, our best player is 14 (calcio jr), but we don't tolerate idiocy in our clan, so if you're younger...or older please apply on Elite.


We play almost every day, prefer Kill Confirmed, Team Defender, TDM, Domination games and every Clan Op available! If you are a team player, and want to win, ask for invite and I will send it to you, or visit our clan on Elite and send in an application!