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I would like to be reset to level 1


I have always wondered why i havent gotten reset to level 1 becuase i have done the token glitch and have yet to be reset. It's that im doing this out of guilt but im tired ive wondering when ill get reset of if itll ever happen so can you guys just do it please and thank you gamertag:iWasNeverThere

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    You don't have to do this to get the guy reset. All you need to do is report in game and report to BanCandy with some proof.

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    Another playing "wanting to get reset" when we all know he is mad at another player.


    Cmon dude we are not as stupid as you think. This type of post was made the first day Black Ops was out.


    PS this name and shame post will most likely get you banned from the forum.


    Now if it WERE true you would want to be reset you can do it in the game with a token.

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    EDIT in response to reply below this post: Yea i feel ya it man it was an unnecessary amount of curses to just get a point across not to mention un needed since this OPs actions are pathetic enough on their face , i jus figured since the filters are in place there'd be no harm, no foul. To state my pre-edit post more civilally, This is absolutely disgusting someone would come on this forum, make a new account to hide their identity from everyone like a coward, and try to get another person banned using a ruse, all because Mr.Me2   probably got destroyed in a match and got sooooooo butt hurt he took the time to do all this. Itd be real justice if Mr.Me2 received an temporary IP ban from these forums, so the consequences would circumvent his cowardice attempts to hide his true forum identity.