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How to Force Objective Play

This is an Idea I thought up last night, I forgot to mention HQ, but you get the basic Idea.


This will basically make the Campers/Slayers who ignore the objective choose between Playing the OBjective, which now Rewards Points for your Pointstreak when not only Assaulting but Also defending.  While doing this, it will also double the kill value of all assault/support streaks while playing an objective game.


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    You have based this entire video on the basis that killing people do not help in the team win as well. For example look at mlg players playing ctf generally you only get 1 or 2 of them running the flags and the other 2 supporting. So on the basis of your video did the 2 flag runners do all the work and only they should reap the benefits?


    (I know mlg games don't have kill streaks but it was just an example)

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      Good example but porly chosen group to use. MLG... bleh....


      They will never punish game players for not going for the objective all the time and the reason is that you need defenders/campers/kill whores to stop the other team from taking what you have allready.


      Even in Obj games the slayer has a role and is just as important as the runner/capper. Not everyone needs to rush the obj all the time.


      No everyone that plays obj games is offensive, some are defensive or tactical, prefering to stay out of direct action and no they do not have to go play ffa or tdm to do that either.

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    Also with your proposed increase to the amount of points to gain a kill streak will only further promote boosters cause lets face it everyone is not able to get to the current high kill streaks let alone if you doubled the requirements. So instead of boosting for a Moab you would get people boosting for a care package lol