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What is a good Strike Package String?


Or rather, what does yours look like?


I'm liking Sentry Gun > Cobra > Stafe Run


My actuall good connection ( which is bad -_- ) makes it really hard to get anything higher than a Strafe Run.

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    I run Care Package, Attack Helicopter and Strafe Run. 5-7-9. Every two kills is a prize

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      It all depends on how good you are as a player


      If you can get 6-7 kills almost every game, you wana run assault and go cobra/strafe or overwatch/pavelow, coz in the majority of games if you get the cobra the rest follows on, the cobra will get you 2 kills, unleashing the strafe, which should get 2 kills which unleashes the pavelow, which can rack up as many as 13-15 kills in the right lobby, and suddenly you have a final score of 60+ kills. If you play domination, 2-3 caps and 2-3 kills gets the job done It really hurts though when you get some random level 20 guy with a 0.20 kdr, who shoots down you air support.


      If you struggle to get streaks and want to run assault, run uav/care pack/ims. uav helps your team, and you, care pack can throw up some good stuff you`d never usually get, and the ims can be very good in the right place or in the right game, especially in domination.


      If you just wana run around like a madman in domination capping everything that isnt yours and dont mind dying, run support, with adv uav/stealth bomber/emp or escort airdrop. If your willing to put your ar$e on the line, you`ll get these twice in every domination game. The stealth clears out flags for you, the uav helps your team, and the escort airdrop gives you tonnes of goodies. Be wary though using it in domination, as ive seen lots of teams ive played against, all concentrate on the airdrop, and lose all 3 flags and with it the game. EMPs good if your playing a strong team, or your with a very weak team, as it frustrates them. Escort airdrop and stealth are great to use in team defender, as you know exactly where to put the bombs, and the osprey protects you if you have the flag, also throws up juggs 3 out of every 4 times, which is great if you have the flag and the jugg Its pointless running the low support coz they all suck, unless you play Snd, then you wana run uav and ballistic vests.


      If you JUST wana get kills , possibly moabs, run specialist, with soh pro/scav pro/sitrep pro in that order, and your perks extreme pro/assassin pro or hardline pro/dead silence pro or steady aim pro.


      Im run assault in TDM, Support normally in domination/team defender, and specialist with hardline pro when im levelling up, as its huge xp and points for assists

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    Assault: UAV, Care Package, Helicopter

    Specialist: Depends on what gun I use.

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    The good ol UAV, Airstrike, and Chopper.
    If I'm running support I'll do Counter UAV and UAV spamming
    and when running specialist I usually go with SoH, Scav, ExCon,....er pretty much any first tier perks...

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    i am almost good enough to bump mine up but carepackage/predmissle/attackheli has served me well.  depending on the map i will switch to carepackage/predmissile/airstrike.  some maps like dome make airstrikes better than attack helicopters as airstrikes can't be knocked down.


    DO NOT USE strafe run (unless you are playing against me) because two stinger missiles will take out all five heli's and add 5 points toward the enemy's killstreak.  i love to see a strafe run coming as i know i will have a care package when i knock it down.



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    Predator - Attack Heli - Strafe Run/Reaper/AH-6 is pretty standard for me...might bump #3 to a Pave Low or AC-130 if I'm feeling confident.


    Many times though I like running Predator - Air Strike - Attack Heli with Hardline. Once you get to the Pred, you can get through the next two piece of cake. If a match is going well I can cycle through this combination 2 or 3 times per match.

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    Legitimate inf uav.....

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    I like to use a UMP with silencer and kick. Then I have Recon Pro, Hardline Pro, and Steady Aim Pro as my 3 perks. I select Specialist and choose Quickdraw Pro>Scavenger Pro>Assassin Pro. Reccon and Hardline combine well to get a lot of assists which count as kills. Quickdraw isn't immediately necessary seeing as how you get it with one kill. That on kill is when Steady Aim Pro helps out. Scavenger is great at 3 kills. Right about the time your ammo runs low you get Scavenger. Assassin comes at 5 kills but I've found that you hardly ever have to get 5 kills to unlock it if you took advantage of your flashes and frags. Recon Pro will have tagged enough people that you should pick up a couple points toward your bonus just on assists.

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    Assualt: care pakage, sentery gun, and cobra.

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    I normally don't run Care Package because of the fact that it doesn't help you reach your other Killstreaks.


    Sure, it's nice to get a random Pave Low from time to time,

    but I end up getting UAVs 80 of the time q___q


    I do run Care Package if I'm running a short string, though, like:

    UAV > CP > IMS/Turret


    I just had a couple games, and I up'ed my string a bit to:

    Air Strike > Cobra > Pave Low
    Worked pretty well, but I'll stick with my old one for some time still.

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    Assault. UAV, Attack helicopter, Pavelow. Each one helps to get to the next one as none are air drops.

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    I hope these post have helped you. They are all different and if you are a new player they probably confused the hell out of you.

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    I didn't read all the posts but here is what I think:


    If you can build up a streak run chopper, overwatch, rapelow.  This set up is really good, but only if you can build up a good streak.


    If you can't, run care package, airstrike chopper.  This is what I run personnally, because it is no stress easy.  The care package is always a fun gamble, and you usually get an ims/ sentry anyways, which is more bang-for-the-buck (get 4 kills, get a 5 killstreak, like a boss).  Even if you get a UAV, UAVs are still awesome, and you can't get support streaks or ammo.  Also, the precision airstrike if good for clearing out areas and can possibly get you the chopper.  If you prefer a 5 streak to the 6 streak, run IMS instead of sentry because you have to wait for a sentry and it doesn't count towards your streak.  Also, a well placed ims can get you 3 kills easy, and if you play defensively (DON'T CAMP), then that can help you reach your chopper.

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    Strife Run - Pavelow - Juggernaut