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Major Problems With Nerfed Weapons and Crap Maps!?!?

First of all, to all the player out there who enjoy this game as much as do, I would like to give you guys a shout out.


Ok, let's start with the weapons that have been nerfed. I will name off all of them and then say what is wrong.


Spas- Truly not as powerful as the one in MW2. Fix it!


RPGx2- It does not take a genuious to figure this out...all I can say is hit markers galore!


M203 Undermounted Grenade Launchers- Same as the RPG's...There is a reason you guys put the Blast Shield Perk in the game. If someone does not like getting killed by Noob Tubes, then use the perk and make this weapon as powerful as it is suppose to be!


Now let's get to the map situation, shall we?


Arkaden- To cluttered!


Bootleg- I would rather cut off one of my legs than play on this crappy map!


All the maps that are in the DLC are basically CRAP MAPS!!!!


I want to see a nostalgic DLC for this game..Bring back maps like Overgrown and Wasteland, preferably without the clutter!!!!


Just wandering if anyone else sees a problem with this game (other than the lag, we already know about that)?

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    I agree about the RPG and the grenade launchers, have you ever got hit markers with a predator missle or a reaper? I have more times then I can count, I'd love to see some reworked mw2 maps in this game and Berlin wall from black ops IMHO that was the only good map on the entire game.

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    I think everyone has their own preferences when it comes to maps, for example Bootleg is one of my favorite maps to play Downturn on the other hand.. Does anyone actually like it? As far as Nerfed weapons go, I play HC most of the time and I dont notice how bad they are but the M16 is pretty much useless outside of HC. And Elite was a massive waste of money for me, I only liked 1 or 2 of the new maps and I just end up disabling them every time I'm online.

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      True, everyone has their preferences when it comes to the maps they like and dislike...i just can't stand Bootleg or Arkaden because of the really tight spaces...I use to not be claustraphobic when I was in the Army. I drove a M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank and you have to be in tight places for long periods of time. But now, I can't even stand them on a video game. I know, sad right?

      Downturn is an ok map for S&D, CTF, and Domination..but I never play those game types. I'm a little old fashioned I suppose because all I play now is TDM..On MW2 it was FFA. To honestly tell you the truth, I can't stand that map either, but I will play it.

      Elite has other good qualities that you can take advantage of other than getting the maps early and for free. 50 a year is not a bad price to pay considerering that all the maps together would probably cost a lot more if you didn't have it. You know how these big corps make their money, they nickle and dime you to death for an entire year till the next COD comes out.

      As far as the M16 goes, I use it occasionally and actually see it used more often than the FAMAS. I have never had a problem with it personally.

      By the way thank you for replying to the post.

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    Hey guys, thank you for the replies so far to the post. All of the comments so far have opened up new areas of discussion that I did not think about when I originally posted. I truly believe that having a serious conversation without the trolls is possible.

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    I for one LOVE bootleg, probably my favorite map overall. Spas does suck, RPG? leave as is, shouldn't be used as a primary weapon like people seem to do anyway, spawn and istantly switch to the rpg and just run around and troll.

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    shotguns need to be buffed!!!? are you kidding me!? i would agree only with one of them AA-12 is bad and maybe i would agree a little with the SPAS but the rest dont need any buff...its a shotgun not a sniper rifle. hell with the distance and power add it already is ridiculous how far and easy they get you.

    Its like saying the Type95 needs a buff...you jusnt need to get in a game like DZ or even KC and youll see a lot of people getting 40 something kills while running with a shotgun.

    Sorry im not trying to start a fight or make fun of you or whatever its just my opinion btw.

    Most of my deaths are always by sniper QS or by Shotgun runners so maybe im playing the wrong modes and all i get are these kind of people; but seems to me the most popular things are those two.

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    Spas is like every other shotty, get damage then it's ******* insane(i have all shottys with damage). Only onethat needs a buff is the AA-12

    PS: Spas 12 with damage silencer = beast mode


    All explosives need a radius buff, almost 2x the radius now.


    Arakaden is not cluttered, Interchange is


    Bottleg is fine, it sounds like you have a cqb problem.

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      i agree with the explosives and also would add the smoke screen a little more smoke or more time because its pretty much useless, unless you use it in a closed room... also the emp granade should have the same timer than grenades i think...not sure but i used it for a little while and i feel it detonates to fast.

      Actually for me the only lethal that works is the grenade lol and for tacticals that are throwable the concussion and flash the rest are just not good....ok sorry c4 is powerful. forgot about that thing.

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      Nah, downturn is worse than arkaden. I actually like arkaden for sniping when out looking over toward a or b.

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      Dont' have a CQC problem, just don't like the map. I can run and gun with the best of them, but to actually have a good sniper battle, you need a map like Wasteland. I have had a few good battles on Mission and the guys that I was sniping against really didn't like me by the time the game was over. 2 Reapers and 2 AC-130s later, we had still lost the game. Why you probably ask, because of non stop flash bangs and shotguns. We need a map where you can have several battles and not just one. Seems like I always get stuck in the middle, and even though I can hold my own ground, I still get pickled.

      I would like to be able to go head to head with another sniper without someone putting their nose in the middle of it and destroying a good time. Most guys with shotguns, which I rarely use, are only out to ruin the game for everyone else. Just to piss people off. Most of the time it is a 10 year old who has probably had a bad day because the girl next door didn't go topless in the window. There are a few guys out there that I have talked to that have told me a few key things to look for when trying to distinguish between the 2 shotgun users. First of all, look at their K/D..If it is high, like over 1.50, then they are legit and only use it when they have to. If their K/D is crap, like .50, then they are only out to piss people off. This is true more often than not.

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    I take it that you were one of those OMA spawn camping noobtubers in MW2? IW stated when the game came out that they were nerfing explosives to promote more gun on gun action. And I for one love it.

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      No way was I one of those guys that sit in a corner and OMA the whole game....Tried not to camp spawns but sometimes you have no choice especially when you turn your back and wham..get shot. Now, you must have been a booster because it sounds like you got hit with tubes A LOT!!!!! By the way, your gameplay probably stinks like rotten cheese and you probably have a K/D Ration of .06 or something in this game. If you got problems, I won't hold that against you troll.

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    how bout having a pred missile stopped by a trophy system? Um yea, I will say that a trophy system is an actual device, and it is utilized in modern combat, but it does not snuff out explosive ordinance, it causes early detonation at a range of approximately 20 meters.  a  predator surgical strike missile is still deadly at 20 meters.


    the spas shotgun should just be removed from the game along with the striker.  and the range perk should give more range but change the ammo from buckshot to a deer slug, at least then someone would actually have to aim the stupid thing not just hipfire himself to an escort airdrop 1kill/death at a time.


    And support streaks.  Really?  so now we are going to reward bad players who cant get 3 kills without dying by giving them a reward anyway?  I can see maybe a uav or flak vests.  But a stealth bomber, juggernaut and escort airdrop?


    Also that pro version of a perk that is not sitrep that allows you to walk right through claymores that everyone uses basically rendering a claymore and the need for sitrep useless.  I dont expect my claymore to always kill someone sneaking up behind me while im sniping, but i do rely on it as an early warning when someone shoots it to bypass and get to me.  Now they can just quietly walk right by it as if it wasnt even there. 


    And lastly, the suppressor appears in the weapon stats to reduce the range of a weapon, not its damage.  So why is it that when i shoot someone at 10 meters away with an unsupressed barrett, it kills them with one shot, but i use the same barret but have a suppressor and shoot someone in the same place at the same distance, I only get hit markers?  It says in weapon stats that the range is reduced, not the damage decay or even the damage for that matter.

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      I have personally used the Trophy System in the game and there is a flaw. I have still been hit by Predator Missiles while using it. See, here is something else. I didn't abuse it. I am one of those guys that goes only for what the weapon can give me and that is XP. I use a weapon or device or whatever until I think I have milked all the XP I can get out of it. I don't abuse any of the weapons, perks, kill streaks, or anything else in the game.

      I have 2 goals while playing and they are too not get killed and to help my team win the game with as many kills as I can get. I have carried my team on many many occasion with a 20:1 K/D ration and still lost because I had guys on my team that all they cared about was getting in your face and jumping around like an idiot. That and corner camping nube tubers(RPG's) with Striker shotguns. Oh and most of these corner campers have perks like Extreme Conditioning and Stalker. If I were to sit in a corner, I would have Blind Eye and Assassin.