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Ask-The-Devs thread!


UPDATE: The Devs' answers have been posted! Lots of fun details and brand-new info (and a treat for the PC players).



Hi all,


Launch is next week, and we know you've got tons of questions.

So now's your chance to ask 'em! Post your questions for the developers of The Amazing Spider-Man game here in this thread. 

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    Couple parameters to keep in mind:


    -Beenox won't be revealing game or movie spoilers.


    -Questions that have been answered already won't be re-answered for the sake of time, but I'll link you to the place where they were answered (blog post, video, podcast, etc). Other HeroHQ users are free to help out in this regard, too!


    -Depending on how many questions we get, they may not have time to answer all of 'em.


    -Don't be afraid to ask about small details! This is your chance to get answers about tiny but interesting features that may have gone under the radar in broader coverage, like "is there an animation for reloading web cartridges?"

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    May you answer this?      Can you fight all the bosses again?

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    i heard there are more than one types of swinging... is this true?

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    Will the alternate suits take damage like the default one?

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    Hey guys, I would like to know roughly how many hours of gameplay is the storyline? Also, if you could possibly give us a few hints on what costumes we could expect to see in the game, that would be great! Thanks, loving what you've done so far though - best Spider-Man game yet.

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    Can you quantify the specific number of alternate costumes outside of DLC? (You don't have to reveal them or what they are, just how many are in the game)

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    If this game is well recieved, will you make another spiderman game for the next film, and in the same style? If you cant answer this then answer this instead: Will the PC version have free roam?

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    This is all really good stuff so far. One note, you don't have to segregate questions as "Either/or", all questions are possible candidates. Just list 'em out and we'll see what can be answered.


    Also, for everyone asking about Alt Costumes, we'll be revealing more specific ones later this week & next (but that doesn't mean you need  to stop asking about 'em, just an FYI).

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    Will the PC version be the same as consoles? (free roam and such)

    Any hint on the Specs for the PC version?

    Maybe a release date for the PC version?

    Will there be another Spiderman game in your future if this one is well reviewed?


    Thanks for making a Spiderman game that isn't bad, we love you Beenox!

    (incasse you didn't notice, I'm curious about the PC version XD)

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