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Opinions on my new Youtube style? (youtube.com/xbox360challenge)


Hey guys after having some awesome constructive criticism from this site, I decided to ask once again for feedback on my new style of video. Instead of contributing to my challenge series I will now just upload anything that I get in games which I think deserves to go on Youtube. I also upgraded to HD quality and gave my intro/outro a makeover. Here is an example:



Feedback would be greatly appreciated! Personally I think this video is a littl short, what do you think?

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    I like it and I'm so glad you now upload in HD!

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    Now Josh, I know you have posted some videos of interest recently (and some not so much) but you need to be reminded that this is a discussion forum, a place for people to discuss, (the clue is in the title) talk, argue, etc about the MW3 game and not a platform for people to come on and promote their videos so they get more hits on youtube, etc.


    There's a large number of people who just spam this site with videos and I'm concerned  your coming very close to being one of them, all I'm asking if that if you wish to continue on here you need to start make a more valuable contribution to forum, take part, get involved as well as posting the odd video.  You have a simple choice to make, become an active part of this forum or people will start reporting you as a spammer and you'll end up getting banned.