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Why do people hate decent quick scopers? *Constructive thread PLEASE*

Yesterday I was messing around with my MSR because I was getting bored of tryharding, so I said f*ck it I feel like quickscoping. I go in a few lobbies and do pretty decent. I helped cap, I defended flags, I even switched classes from time to time to take down air support. I also wasn't a total burden on my team. I usually went positive while not just running around trying to do triple axel 360s *I'm a quickscoper and I HATE that*. Everything was fine until I got GWK. I got a two piece I hit one guy camping on the stairs in that one building on Lockdown where you can watch B in dom and the long hallway first shot then walked towards a window in that room and hit another guy first bullet by that staircase leading down from A. I was thinking the reactions would be "Oh finally a decent quickscoper" or "At least he didn't try and 360", but nope. I immediately got called a tryhard by the 13th prestige guy I got the kill across the map on and his little clan proceeded to join in saying I suck and the usuall heat quickscopers get. Now I know I'm probably gonna get flamed for even STARTING another one of these. But this one isn't bashing campers or saying "QUIKSCOPIN IZ LIGET CUZ I CAN 360!!!" I'm just trying to figure out why people hate getting SKILLFULLY quickscoped. Not missed 70 times then when you finally turn around you get hit.


TL:DR: I got a decent GWK quickscoping after helping my team win playing OBJ and got flamed for it.


Like I said before lets try to keep this constructive and keep the flaming down to a minimum.

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