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ATTN IW blacklisting MW3SA Tool not the reporting tool


I have had issue for awhile now. and i thought i would bring it up in here.this tool all though it was made with good intentions it turnning into a bad thing.people are being kicked for using various weapons,play styles,camping,akimbo`s ect.this needs to stop.ther are descussions in the steam forums about this.the mw3sa reporting tool is out and functional.that means this tool should not be needed anymore.this tool directly goes against the EULA the YOU activision has in place.by kicking players the person that kicked or banned them with this tool has given themself a advantage in the game however slight that is.some get kicked repetedly for doing good in a game or camping ect.i will keep posting about this untill something is done about it.this is not good for the pc community.i dont like being kicked for doing well in a match.this tool is being abused more and more every day.there are many that feel this way.the creator of the tool "TVDW" <steam name.Tom is his name.will not change this and is not willing to disable the feature in the tool for kicking and banning      Is this not Your Responsability???          Please do something.its hard enough to find good game let alone being kick from them.TVDW has said that you wont do anything about it.                                                                                                                                            This is on the download site it clearly states what it  does

More control over MW3?

We may be able to help. The MW3 Server Admin (MW3SA) allows you to kick/ban players who break your rules.

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    We had an odd thing happen the other day. 2 games in a row we lost the game, it closed, or something. We were leading easily, and poof... we are back in the lobby. What's odd is we took loses for those games. If I understand it, you don't take a loss if you leave a game while you are ahead. So I don't know what happened, but the "Instant Win" hack occurred to me.

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    wierd worlds are these

    Serious question here!


    What is the difference between MW3SA and Rcon?


    Answer: NOTHING!!!




    I am sick and tired of people saying MW3SA is used and abused when they are kicked from a game.


    Granted the tool is not developed by the Call Of Duty developers, but neither are the 3rd party Rcon tools and they are not banned from use are they.


    I take it you are the type of person who enjoys playing on IWnet because it means you should not be kicked for using your cheats?


    Get a grip I will agree that there are people out there who use and abuse MW3SA for the sake of not loosing a game but, there are people out there who will use it as it was designed to be used, in that it is there for you to kick/ban cheaters yes TVDW does say it's designed so that you can make people play how you want but that is the same, as Dedicated Servers and normal Rcon tool's.


    I have changed the way I use MW3SA on the basis that people should be given a chance to stop doing something.


    I now kick people for using akimbo on machine pistols (fmg etc) but not normal pistol's, and that is only after I ask them to stop using them and if 2 other players or more ask them to stop and they carry on using it, simply because they are no fun to play against and are designed for noobs.


    I kick campers who have not moved from one spot for more than 2 minutes, even after being asked to stop camping regardless of score and what team they are on, simply because it shows a lack of skill and ruins the game.


    I kick blatent cheaters.


    I will talk to my team mates if I suspect someone of cheating and if 50% of my team agree then they are kicked.


    I kick anyone who is racially abusive.


    I kick people who are screaming down the mic.






    MW3SA is not a bad programme, the bad part of it is that it's open to everyone and that means little kid's can use it like Rawtoast off here who thinks everyone cheats.

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    I do not like the MW3SA tool for one reason, unlike a dedicated server there is no consequences for abusing the kick/ban abilities. If you host a server and are kicking/banning anyone better than you, you will end up with an empty server. If you use the MW3SA tool and abuse your kick/ban abilities, you will ALWAYS have a full room of people to abuse the tool in...


    However, that being said, you are completely wasting your time sirMisAlot in your efforts to get this tool blacklisted.


    For starters without MW3SA there is no way to remove hackers/cheaters from the game, and P2P Matchmaking is so plagued with hackers/cheaters it's not even funny. While the majority may or may not be abusing the tool, it is currently the ONLY possible way for any legit gamers to play hack free...  Sure there is a "reporting tool" but only a complete fool would actually believe that Activision is putting ANY effort into looking at reports or seriously banning cheaters.


    Overall the main reason you are wasting your time is because Activision does not care. They released MW3 with IWnet P2P matchmaking and VAC, and they did so with a completely full understanding of how hacker friendly the game would be.


    MW2 showed them that IWNet does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop cheaters, instead it in fact encourages it due to lack of admins.


    They were also WELL AWARE of the FACT that Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) was specifically designed to ONLY work properly alongside real dedicated servers.


    Bottom line, THEY WANT THEIR GAME TO BE PLAYED BY HACKERS/CHEATERS!! They INTENTIONALLY built it that way!! They do not care if people play the game with wallhacks, or aimbots, or using MW3Chaos... what makes you think they care if people use MW3SA....


    Seriously all of the evidence shows that they make a profit off of hack sales, either directly via a website they own, or through deals with the hack providers (under the table of course)  There is NO OTHER REASON WHATSOEVER why they would've INTENTIONALLY made the game so EXTREMELY HACKER FRIENDLY!!!



    My advice to you.... just stop playing the game altogether. P2P matchmaking is far too broken to have an enjoyable game anyway, why even bother putting up with it (clearly the MW3SA abusers annoy you)   Just do like the majority of us have done (over 60,000 people so far) and just uninstall...

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      You forgot to mention that They are sabotaging the PC side (intentionally making it as unpleasant as possible) to try and herd people over to consoles (which anyone who's been playing on the PC for any amount of time knows is a substandard gaming system)




      And by support I mean; DEDICATED SERVERS (ranked and otherwise; that actually work), FPV of client demos, SERVER LOG, (by the way Weird: did you realize that this game doesn't even have proper third party RCON tools; because there are no logs) RCON that is not broken, an AC program that works,  client side adjustments of FOV, COMPLETELY MAP-ABLE CONTROLS ( shared because they where to lazy to properly code them for the PC) Lean, etc...


      In short: we want a game that was created FOR THE PC; not one that is PORTED BACK from console.


      AND ABOLISH IWnet P2P MATCH MAKING ON THE PC: I am all for CHOICE; but some choices are just not viable; and a non-choice is just tyranny.


      sirMisAlot is "technically" right; And Weird worlds in "morally" right: But Activision is COMPLETELY responsible for this entire debate.


      By the way IWnet P2P networking, is NOT a right; it's just a networking solution (albeit a bad one): but if anyone doesn't want to play with any one else (for any reason), that is a right.


      You want to shout "YOU ARE NOT GOD" at some one; shout at Activision: they're the ones trying to control how you play a game YOU ALREADY PAID FOR; by sabotaging dedicated servers, and trying to FORCE IWnet on you.


      Poison_pawn POC

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        • Activision does not and can not control this tool.it is abuse and tantamount to cheating.
        • it is the players themselves that are doing it.no one has the right to kick a person on a p2p system.they are not dubed admin thay are simply host for a few min of game play.
        • the crying about akimbo and noob this and op that.shut up and play.if you get your rear handed to you by a noob.that would be a good chuckle.buck up and take it like a man or maby 2 yr old.
        • everyone purchased the game and all deserve to play with weapons,perks ect that are part of the game.and yes camping"Lockdown" is good for the game.
        • you have to be on your toes even more.and work for the win shhot that camper when he goes back to his place.or being the camper and shoot every fool that runs right by without glancing around time after time after time.if you want control get a dedicated server.dont like them to bad.
        • play like everone else or dont play at all.be a sport and have fun for once in your life.
        • the only one that can do anything about the tool is tvdw.
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          Me thinks you've missed my point: I did not say, or imply, that activission could, or should control this tool.

          By the way: I am not an advocate, for either side; I don't use the tool, because I WON"T play P2P (beside the fact that it is a bad multi-paying solution; I don't like the idea of people scurrying around on my computer)


          I was referring to P2P match making when I stated that Activission control how you play (by killing other viable options I.E. ranked/unranked dedicated servers; and leaving you little other choice)


          But as far as an ethics, moral, or social issue goes; I believe every single person on the planet has a right to a degree of autonomy /sovereignty on their own property I.E. Personal Computer.




          1 not controlled by outside forces


          2 Existing as an independent entity; free from external control and constraint in e.g. action and judgment



          1 not controlled by outside forces.


          property rights:

          1 The legal right of ownership.



          2 Something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone.


          NOBODY has the right (with out a court order) to access my computer for one sec. with out my permission.


          And IF I invited you in, and you acted in ANY WAY contrary to the nature in which you where invited; it is my right to remove you, of have you removed. 


          The only one crying here is you: so I would think you where the one who needs to "buck up" and find another server. (and yes in essence, every "host" is a server for the duration of said game; and therefor sovereign)

          Move along: nothing to see here.