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Connection issues anyone

What ever you guys did to the connections made it even worse..Lag while shooting is ridiculous, im shooting someone and the only indication they get to know im there is because they hear me shooting them and turn and kill me.What happened to the 1/4 - 1/2 clip i just sent.And whats up with my type 95 being "nerfed" on hip fire..Its still a bullet leaving a gun, theres no lagitamite reason the bullet should do less damage when hip fired..

Or what about when im playing AON, whats up with me stabbing people and them not dieing. Knives that i clearly should have gotten i dont!! Then knives that i should have missed i get. Come on now, hows that work?? Im sure others will agree, i hear them complain in the chat channel. Im also 90% sure its not my connection, theres no reason i should lag. I know that every game isn't gonna be a perfect connection wise, but please try again.