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CTF in Face Off!!! Why????


seriously i know people have been asking for new game modes in faceoff but why CTF! the most unpopular gamemode, its total sh!t
why not domination or demolition something that people actually like, Team Defender would be perfect. Even HQ wouldn't be so bad. while we're at it why not chuck in team juggernaught and FFA


you have added an unpopular game mode into an already not so popular playlist. contrary to IWs belief face off is not so popular all you have to is look at the numbers playing at any given time its never that high


OBVS theres my personal opinion i think its a pretty awful game mode only thing worth doing is YYing next to the flag preventing or getting ready to take enemy flag again. i have no fun whatsoever in this game mode and detest it everytime it comes up in Team Tactical


Can someone else give their opinions to the matter if you agree disagree etc. thanks
and please none of this "stop complaining BS" im giving my opinion and others and would like yours