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New Maps Making Game Unplayable


So I was really excited when DLC Collection 1 was released because it meant that they added the new maps to all the playlists and I could play what game modes I wanted with the new maps.  However, right after it released and was added to the regular rotation, I started having really really really bad connectivity issues.  Literally 90-95% of my games, I was at a connection disadvantage.  Terrible hit detection, constant one-shot deaths, lot's of "magic bullet" deaths, a second behind everyone else, really bad frame-rate lag, etc.  I had about 3-4 weeks of ranting on here because my connection had gotten so bad the game was unplayable for me.  I was trying everything to combat it...  clearing my system, readjusting my router settings, even trying new loadouts to change it up a bit, but nothing was working.

So one night, I reluctantly decided to search with the DLC disabled.  Got into a room quickly and played a few games.  Sure enough my connection was decent.  So I decided to test it out for a couple days.  For the most part, my connection was good (comparatively).  I tried going back to DLC games and no matter what the map, I was right back having the terrible connections.  I've tested it several times since then with the same results.  AND now that DLC Collection 2 has hit, and we're getting the newest maps in the playlists, I'm seeing the exact same thing.


So what a stupid situation.  Choose between playing the new maps with beyond bad connectivity, or just play the original maps.  To save myself some frustration I've been mostly playing the old maps, but what a crock!


I realize it's probably a matchmaking issue, but I've never had this with any previous COD DLC. 


Anybody else noticing this? 

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    Leveling my Noob Tube attachment on the M4A1, so not really noticing anything.

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      and that's why I'm am not buying the new maps pointless its like buying new wheels for a car with no engine.  They have made no or little effort to fix the lag issues, instead just push out maps and what the hell is face off about oh yeah fob off to try and think we are getting better connection by decreasing the number of players in a game.....sort the connection issues first......l

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        G IH A IN ID II wrote:


        The fixes are all in the TUs released on both platforms. We are using the telemetry data to determine when to turn them on and what settings are required. Follow @IWMarkRubin on Twitter who will be providing information as we roll these out. There is more stuff coming too.




        G IH A IN ID II


        Was dropped with 1.16. They are trying to get a handle on things. Belatedly, I know, but still working on the issue.