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what happened to ?


What happened to Hard Core Team Tactical. jsut wish i could get that back i could care less about half of the other game modes it was fun to play team tactical

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    So you could care less.


    Which means you DO care from some point between "caring a bit" to "I would die for the cause".

    If you could NOT care less, you care at a minimum of what is humanly possible.



    My problem is not the grammar, but the logic.
    You can use school, country of origin or the lack of school as an excuse for poor grammar, but there is NO excuse for logical mistakes.




    However... They figured it wasn't popular enough.

    Although I agree;
    Team Tactical is one of the NECESSARY playlists.
    Some people want to play with a smaller party at times and NOT getting a guy and his 5 year old daughter on their team in splitscreen.