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BAU5 Gunnaz - PS3 Clan, Brand New (must look)

Don't knock it if you haven't tried it, there's an unofficial 4 of us currently. If you're looking for a PS3 clan and have come up short in the past, your searches end here. However we will only accept people over the age of 14, and with a K/D of 1.20 or higher. If you would like to join you can message me on PSN (EaGamer74) or message (liljohn_1) and we can get you squared away. Otherwise just fill out this application.



Age:(optional but we will find out if your under 14)


WinLoss:(optional again, but it'd help you more than it would hurt you)

Average Time Spent on CoD per day:

Experience with CoD:


I myself am a 1.75 k/d, i'm not proud of it, it could be higher however sometimes we tend to mess around in say, drop zone, or infected, so this isn't my true k/d. Me and liljohn_1 have lost about 3 games in all, on FaceOff 2v2, in about 30 matches. So that's what your getting yourself into. I am also a Elite Member, but my points haven't gone towards this clan.


Thanks, EaGamer.