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    There are a million things wrong with this game but a class action will not work against a billionaire company. The best thing to do is to STOP buying IW games. We all should have known IW was going to down when the original 2 programmers left the company due to Activision's BS. We can only sit and wait to see what Treyarc comes up with in November. They are poised to take over this genre of gaming. I don't want to insult all the users but what were you thinking when you joined ELITE???? Did you not see the writing on the wall? Did your parents not ask what you were spending that money on and look it up??? After all the release malfunctions you still bought the DLC maps??? REALLY???? Stop feeding the beast and the beast will go down!!

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    Actually, even though she did win, whether or not she "deserved" to is a complete opinion.  And yes, I did study the case.  But no, I don't think she deserved to win.


    So like you said about looking intelligent.........

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    What is this? The '70s? IW may go down, but I don't think you guys realize that sledgehammer isn't a company, but more of a engine they use to program the game. Activision is a company that will never go anywhere. They, unlike IW have prowess, and they care for their consumers. I've never bought a botched game from them, and I've been playing their games since they came out back in the Dreamcast, n64 and PS1 days.

    This is coporate America at it's finest. If you really don't like what's happening, and the way things are run, simply trade in your copy of MW3, buy another game, and don't support this company. There's always going to be bugs with everything, the only thing we can do is bug them as much as possible.


    Also, a class action suit agains a company would require at LEAST 60% of the people who bought this game to back you up, and go to court(good luck with finding at least 300 people who care enough to sue) and providing you actually have a case, you'd end up losing because by the time they got the notice they're being sued, all the issues you'd sue them for would be fixed.

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    Seriously when more drivel commonly known as Black Ops II is released (thanks to Treyarch for unleashing their lag compensation upon MW3) just wait and buy the game second hand.


    Don't hand over one cent to Activision - they've done over the hardcore player to make things "fair"* to appeal to the casual player who will play it once/twice but hey they've got your money now.


    On release day, just take a deep breath, wait and then buy it second hand.


    It's the only way Activision will take notice if their share holders start screaming.


    * Fair being doing over anyone who has invested in a decent connection because they take their games seriously

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